Expert bariatric surgeons in Shrewsbury
can provide rapid access to weight loss surgery and advice.

We’ve developed a comprehensive weight loss programme in Shrewsbury which gives you access to the support you need on your road to success. We’re not just about the surgery. It’s about re-education, developing a healthier mind and enjoying the benefits of a healthier you, for the long term. The available procedures include:

Our bariatric team

Mr James Rink

MB BChir, M Phil, FRCS (Eng)

Specialty General Surgery

Mr Manel Riera

MD, FRCS Ed (Gen Sur)

Specialty General Surgery

Treatment pathway

Interested patients will have a consultation with one of our Bariatric consultants followed by a consultation with the specialist bariatric nurse*. If you decide to go ahead with surgery, a pre-assessment will be booked. On your day of surgery you’ll be visited by both the bariatric nurse and the consultant in charge of your care. The length of stay in hospital will depend upon the type of procedure you choose but whatever the procedure, before you are discharged from hospital you will again be visited by the bariatric nurse and your consultant.

During your recovery you will receive one to one contact from our specialist team and will also have a follow up with your consultant. Once you are deemed fit from surgery you will then be enrolled on a complimentary 3 month membership of the Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre in Telford where our team of personal trainers and fitness experts will be able to guide you through a range of exercise programmes which will help to develop the ‘new you’.

Guidance from our team

"Bariatric surgery can improve quality of life and reduce the risk of premature mortality. It can lead to significant weight loss and help improve many obesity-related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. Weight loss surgery can achieve dramatic weight loss, but it's not a cure for obesity on its own. You'll need to commit to making permanent lifestyle changes after surgery to avoid putting weight back on. Here at the Nuffield Health Hospital Shrewsbury we offer a range of Bariatric surgery lead by two highly qualified surgeons." - Mrs S Doubleday, Matron, Nuffield Health Shrewsbury Hospital
"Weight loss isn’t just about being more confident in the way you look, it's also about improving your overall health. We can guide you through a range of options which will help to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It’s not just about surgery. Healthy eating and a good knowledge of nutritional properties of food can go a long way to helping with weight loss." - Mr James Rink, Bariatric Consultant at Nuffield Health Shrewsbury Hospital
*The initial consultation fee will be invoiced separately by the consultant after the consultation; the initial dietician consultation is including in the package price unless the patient decides again surgery. Should the patient opt out of surgery then a £100 charge will be levied by Nuffield Health.