What should I bring with me?

When you are admitted to the hospital, there are a few basics you'll need to take with you. We will provide you with all the conveniences you would expect such as fresh linen and towels during your stay.

Here’s what you should bring to make your stay more comfortable whether admitted for a day case, overnight or longer:

  • Please bring your medicines in their original labelled container. Please also bring any non-prescription medicines that you are currently taking, including herbal or homoeopathic products.
  • A pair of non-slip slippers or comfortable shoes.
  • Toiletries: Hairbrush, comb, shampoo, toothbrush & toothpaste, or denture cleaner.
  • Shaving equipment.
  • Sanitary wear.
  • Nightwear and underwear.
  • Casual, loose clothing to wear during the day.
  • Your phone or tablet and charger.
  • A favourite toy or comforter if your child is being admitted.

Do I need to fast before my admission?

Depending on the type of anaesthetic used during your procedure, you may be advised to fast before your admission. Your pre-assessment nurse will provide you with specific fasting guidance during your pre-assessment appointment.

You must follow the fasting guidance you are given. Failure to follow the guidance may result in your procedure being postponed.

Do I need to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking?

We recommend that you do not drink alcohol or smoke for at least 24 hours before your admission.

Can I wear make-up and jewellery on the day of my admission?

You should remove any make-up before admission, and we advise against bringing jewellery and valuables to the hospital.

Do I have to remove nail varnish, gel/acrylics?

We ask you to remove nail varnish or gel/acrylic nails before you arrive. This will help doctors to see your skin and nails to make sure your blood circulation is healthy.

I have body piercings, should I remove them before admission?

Where practically possible we recommend that all body piercings should be removed before anaesthesia and surgery. Piercings near the surgical site must be removed. All tongue and lip jewellery should be removed before general anaesthetic.

I am feeling anxious and have personal needs, who can I speak to?

We understand that coming to a hospital for a procedure can make you feel anxious. Please speak to your pre-assessment nurse during your appointment or give us a call. We want to put your mind at ease and do everything we can to alleviate any concerns you may have before or during your stay. You must inform us of any special requirements or conditions that you may have, such as allergies.

I am feeling unwell, what should I do?

Should you become ill, however mildly, before you are admitted, please contact us to let us know of your condition at the earliest possible opportunity, as it may affect your planned treatment.

What should I take into consideration when planning my return home before my hospital admission?

It is also important to think about what arrangements you may need to make for your return home before your hospital admission.

You may not be able to drive home afterwards, so it is essential to organise transport. Please be aware, if you are having your treatment under general anaesthetic or sedation, you cannot drive until at least 24 hours after your operation, and you should have a responsible adult staying with you during this time.

Depending on your planned treatment you may also need to think about adjustments to your home, for example, removing rugs and ensuring there is sufficient space to get up from your bed if you expect to be using crutches after your surgery.

I have received information about a prehabilitation session, what is this for?

For some procedures, our experienced physiotherapy teams organise prehabilitation sessions. These sessions provide you with information on how you can prepare yourself physically as it is good to try and keep your muscles strong. Our team will provide you with a daily exercise plan to follow before your surgery to support your long-term recovery.

Our hospital bookings team will send you information about any prehabilitation sessions if they are relevant to your planned procedure.