Parkside Hospital offers a private walk-in flu vaccination service. You do not need an appointment to have the flu vaccine at our clinic.

What is flu?

Influenza or flu is a common infection that affects the nose, throat and lungs. It can easily spread to other people through small droplets in coughs and sneezes. The symptoms of flu include a sudden high temperature, chills, aching muscles, extreme tiredness and a headache. You may also have a dry cough, sore throat and runny or stuffy nose.

Most people get better from flu within one to two weeks, but it can sometimes cause serious complications. You can avoid flu by having the flu vaccine every year.

Why is it important to have the flu vaccine?

Having the flu vaccine is one of the most effective ways to protect your health. It is a safe vaccine, which helps to protect you from becoming seriously ill from flu. The flu vaccine also prevents you from spreading flu to others who may be vulnerable.

Experts predict that more people will get flu this winter. During the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, fewer of us have built up natural protection from the flu. Getting vaccinated protects you and those around you from serious illness during the flu season.

Our flu vaccination clinic

Our flu vaccination clinic is held in the Outpatients Department at Parkside Hospital. This service is available for those aged 18 or above and under 65.

The opening hours for our walk-in flu service are:

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00-18:00
  • Saturday: 09:00-12:00

Price: £15

You need to wait until 14 days have passed since your COVID-19 vaccination or booster jab before having the flu vaccine. If you are being vaccinated against coronavirus, please wait at least a fortnight before booking your flu vaccine.