With 55 beds, including seven critical care beds, four of the most advanced operating theatres and 28 consultation rooms, Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital is aiming to become the London’s most trusted independent hospital.

Nuffield Health at St Bart’s is the first and only independent hospital in the City of London, 32nd Nuffield Health hospital in the UK, and part of the Nuffield Health London’s Health and Wellbeing Campus.

From diagnostics, to treatment and recovery, we can provide you with rapid access to first-class care.

We specialise in:

Our further specialties are General Surgery, Gynaecology, Urology, Vascular, Dermatology and ENT.

Heart health services

Nuffield Health at St Bart’s will be our flagship centre for cardiac services. We’ll be able to offer patients a complete range of heart services, including:

  • Comprehensive outpatient diagnostic testing, with the latest equipment
  • Industry-leading interventions, carried out by the best consultants in the sector
  • Industry-defining specialised rehabilitation, in state-of-the-art wellness centres.

A network of care

We know that cardiac services rely on a range of different skills and expertise. That’s why we’ll support you with a network of specialist consultants. No matter how complex a patient’s condition, our teams are here to deliver the best care.

A healthier nation

Our new cardiac services will help us build a healthier nation through an innovative, rigorous, and accessible service offered to our patients.

We’ll offer a full range of diagnostic and interventional treatments, including:

  • Angiography
  • Cardiac surgery
  • Electro-physiology
  • Percutaneous intervention

Our diagnostic imaging services will include cardiac MRI, CT, echocardiography and exercise ECGs.

All surgical interventions will be supported by staff in our cardiac ICU. And we’ll have a special cardiac rehabilitation programme that makes the most of our network of physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, physiologists and health and wellbeing clubs across London.

Cancer services

We provide a wide range of cancer services, from diagnostic testing to anti-cancer treatment.

We help patients reach a 'new-normal' after treatment – by using our links with Maggie’s cancer care centres, and offering genetic screenings via our partners.

Systemic Anti-Cancer Treatment (SACT)

We’ll deliver SACT with help from our expert nurses and pharmacy teams. You’ll have full access to a range of diagnostic and interventional services in the hospital.

Endoscopy services

Our team of endoscopy staff are dedicated to offering world class standard of care. The staff have extensive endoscopy skills and knowledge that we can provide side-by-side with our consultants to provide excellent service to our patients. The department offers a wide range of endoscopy procedures from diagnostics to therapeutics.

Following a referral, your consultant will make arrangements for your procedure in endoscopy. Your dedicated consultant will be with you throughout your treatment journey, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

ANTT® Accreditation

We've been awarded a Gold ANTT® Patient Protection Accreditation Programme for Healthcare Providers.

ANTT® Accreditation, overseen freely by The Association for Safe Aseptic Practice, provides healthcare organizations with a mechanism by which to demonstrate effective clinical governance for aseptic technique and commitment to infection prevention and patient safety. Accreditation criteria are based upon the following pre-requisites for safe and best practice: Policy, Education, Competency Assessment and Monitoring of Standards.

Ensuring effective clinical governance for aseptic techniques across large healthcare provider organizations is best not underestimated; For example, ensuring hand hygiene competency and compliance in healthcare alone has proved highly problematic and challenging for over two decades; effective aseptic techniques includes hand hygiene plus a number of other critical components. Therefore, achieving robust and effective ANTT® takes time and organizational ambition and a dedication to patient safety.