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What is Peyronie's Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition where scar tissues develop along the penis. The condition mostly affects men over 40, although it can happen at any age.

What are the symptoms of Peyronie's Disease?

The severity of the condition varies and symptoms may include:

  • A thickened or hard area (plaque) on the shaft of the penis
  • An unusual curve or bend when erect (a normal erection curves upwards)
  • Pain in the penis when erect (pain when flaccid is rare)
  • A misshapen penis resembling an hourglass
  • Loss of penis length or girth
  • Erectile dysfunction.

If your symptoms are affecting your quality of life, don't suffer in silence. Our consultants in Leeds have treated many men with Peyronie's Disease, so there's no need to feel embarrassed, you are in good, experienced hands.

What causes Peyronie's Disease?

The cause of the disease is not yet understood. It’s thought that injury to the erect penis, during sex for example, causes scar tissue to form. However, it can develop without an obvious cause. It may also be a hereditary condition.

How is Peyronie’s Disease treated?

If you have no pain and the condition doesn’t affect your sexual function, then treatment may not be needed. The condition can improve without treatment and its recommended to wait at least 12 months before considering any surgical options in case the condition does improve naturally.

If surgery is required, your consultant in Leeds may recommend one of several surgical procedures that we offer:

  • Penile prosthetic surgery. This procedure places implants in your penis, allowing you to achieve an erection if the condition is causing erectile dysfunction
  • Penile straightening. We offer two types of surgery; Nesbit's procedure and Lue procedure. Both procedures are aimed at correcting the bend in the penis during an erection.

A non-surgical treatment options including oral medications which may be suitable alternative solutions.

Your consultant will discuss all the possible treatments with you at your initial consultation, recommending the best treatment plan for your condition.

Why choose Nuffield Health Leeds Hospital for Peyronie's Disease treatment?

  • Rated "Outstanding" from the Quality Care Commission (CQC)
  • The only private hospital in the north of England to offer such a range of treatments
  • No waiting lists - appointments at times to suit you
  • Matron-led care
  • Free parking for private patients
  • Complimentary collection and drop off at the hospital with our car service (please request at time of booking your treatment)
  • Free wi-fi.