Many outpatient appointments are initially to see a consultant, following a referral from your GP. After that, if you need an
operation or to receive treatment, you will then return to outpatients for a follow up and periodical check-ups where necessary.

As a private patient attending our hospital, you can benefit from the choice of outpatient appointment time best suited to you, choice of consultant, and other outpatient services including physiotherapy and health screening. Our Outpatient Department has 15 consulting rooms, two treatment rooms and an ophthalmology suite.

Should you need further tests or scans during your consultation, these may possibly be performed whilst you are here for your appointment saving an additional journey.


Pre-assessment provides us with the relevant information that enables us to provide you with the right care. It covers all relevant aspects of your general health, highlighting any areas which may cause a problem, such as allergies to latex or specific drugs.

Pre-assessment appointments are a vital part of the treatment you will receive to ensure that you are well enough for your surgery and to confirm that you understand everything in relation to your hospital stay.

As well as discussing your actual procedure, we will discuss with you the best way to help aid your recovery. If attending a clinic, we will carry out some routine tests, as well as checking for MRSA.