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Why choose Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital for your arm lift surgery?

Our recent £8m hospital refurbishment has seen our patent rooms transformed into spacious private en-suit bedrooms with widescreen TV's, modern decor and wireless internet accessibility. Our refurbished facilities provide you with that extra dose of home comfort and in-room entertainment needed during a stay in hospital.

Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital also boasts a range of expert cosmetic surgeons who all posses a wealth of experience in performing successful arm reduction procedures, (medically know as a brachioplasty). Our specialist consultants are fully supported by our attentive matron-led nursing team who are committed to ensuring first-class clinical care and patient support during your treatment.

Undergoing any form of cosmetic surgery is a big decision, that's why any patient at Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital must have a full consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons before going through with surgery.

You can also attend one of our free cosmetic open events, where you will get the opportunity to meet a cosmetic surgeon and ask any questions you may have about arm reduction surgery.

Please note that attending an open event at our Guildford Hospital does not replace a consultation and you will still need to book a full consultation before proceeding with any treatment.

What happens during an arm reduction and arm lift operation at Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital?

  • An upper arm reduction or an arm lift is usually performed under general anaesthetic
  • Your surgeon will make a long incision between your elbow and armpit. Depending on your condition and situation the incision could be minimal. Be sure and discuss your incision with your surgeon
  • Segments of skin and fat will be removed and the remaining skin and tissue will be lifted resulting in a tight, smooth look
  • Dressings will be applied and small tubes (drains) may be put in to drain any fluid or blood from the wound. Elastic bandages will be applied to support the area. You will be given medication for pain relief
  • Upper arm reduction and lift usually takes approximately two hours depending on the amount of reduction required and whether other procedures like liposuction are performed.

Going home after arm reduction and lift in Guildford

  • You may need to stay in hospital one to two days
  • Recovery from this procedure can take one to two weeks. Be sure and discuss your return to work with your surgeon prior to your surgery
  • You will need to wear a tight fitting body garment for the first few weeks to support the area. You should not engage in any strenuous activities until your surgeon releases you to do so
  • Your scars will be permanent but will eventually fade. You should allow 9 - 12 months for your scars to flatten and lighten in colour
  • Body contouring procedures are major surgery. You should be prepared for the recovery process.

What are the complications of arm reduction and lift surgery (Brachioplasty)?

Every surgical procedure has a risk of complications. Be sure and discuss any concerns you might have about these risks with your surgeon.

General complications of any operation

  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Infection in a surgical wound
  • Blood clots
  • Unsightly scarring.

Specific complications of arm reduction and lift

  • Persistent or severe pain
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Numbness of the skin
  • Asymmetry of the upper arms.
Consultation between doctor and patient

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