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Why choose Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital for your orthopaedic surgery?

  • Rapid access to expert consultations, x-rays & treatment
  • A leading consultant of your choice who is with you from initial consultation to post-surgery check up
  • Access to the latest and most reliable surgical techniques including robotic arm assisted surgery
  • Experts in hip and knee surgery (replacement, revision, keyhole surgery)
  • Matron led nursing care with patient satisfaction ratings consistently in excess of 95%
  • Finance options available

In recent years our consultants have been recognised by several Daily Mail polls which canvassed the views of leading surgeons. Participants were asked who they would refer to if their own nearest and dearest needed surgery and several Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital consultants were named by their peers. In fact, more Exeter consultants were named in the “top 10” polls than from any other orthopaedic unit in the UK.

Some of the orthopaedic treatments we provide include:

Are you suffering from a niggling knee injury or a sore hip?

Many people with a joint issue, whether it's a niggling knee injury or a sore hip, simply tolerate the pain or discomfort and accept the limitations this brings. In many cases that's unnecessary. Worn out joints can often be repaired or replaced. Orthopaedic surgery can give you a new lease on life, but it’s a big decision and you need to feel confident in your surgeon.

Just fill out the form below to find out how you can choose to be treated by one of the UK’s best surgeons. Alternatively please feel free to select a treatment and book online, or give us a call on 01392 248 240. When it comes to joint surgery you really couldn’t be in better hands.