Nuffield Health Exeter Hospital has introduced a new service to help those who suffer from a incontinence and overactive bladder syndrome.

Do you have a 'weak bladder'?

Often self-described as a 'weak bladder', symptoms include the need to urinate often and without much warning, and urge incontinence (the strong need to urinate followed by an inability to stop passing urine). It is caused by the bladder muscle contracting before the bladder is full.

Overactive Bladder Clinic

Our new Overactive Bladder Clinic utilises a non-invasive technique called percutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS). PTNS is delivered by inserting a fine needle into a nerve just above the ankle. A mild electric current is passed through the needle and carried to the nerves that control bladder function. Patients receive 30 minutes of nerve stimulation every week for 12 weeks followed by between two and three 'top up' sessions every six months or as prescribed by the consultant.


Our consultant Mr Hugh Evans, Consultant Urologist supports this service. Patients are seen by a consultant on their first visit and reviewed after the sixth treatment. If there is a good response, a further six sessions are recommended.

Paying for treatment

We can treat insured patients or those who wish to pay for themselves. Insured patients need a GP referral in order for their private medical insurance company to fund the treatment. For self-pay patients the cost is £125 per session following an initial consultation and there is no need to obtain a GP referral (although we can keep your GP informed if you ask us to do so).

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