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What is Arthrosamid?

Arthrosamid® is a cutting-edge injectable hydrogel that delivers long-lasting, proven pain relief for knee osteoarthritis, improving your quality of life without surgery.

How is Arthrosamid administered?

Arthrosamid® is administered via a simple, one-step procedure performed under local anaesthesia by a qualified consultant familiar with joint injections, ensuring you’re in and out of the clinic the same day.

What to expect during the procedure

Arthrosamid® is singularly injected into your knee’s synovial cavity where it distributes within the synovial fluid and begins to stick to and mesh with the synovial tissue.

Before treatment with Arthrosamid®, you will have a local anaesthetic to numb the area around your knee. You will also be given antibiotics ahead of this to protect you from any potential risk of infection.

Step 1 - Your knee will be cleaned prior to treatment.

Steps 2 & 3 - Arthrosamid® is then singularly injected into your knee’s synovial cavity. This might be performed with the help of ultrasound.

Step 4 - The needle is then removed and a plaster is placed over the injection site.

What to expect immediately after treatment.

Following the procedure, you may be allowed to leave the clinic immediately, or you may wish to rest until you feel ready to go. Your knee may start to feel uncomfortable as the anaesthetic wears off, but many patients do not report any discomfort.

If you do feel discomfort, symptoms may include mild to moderate pain and/or swelling at the injection site. If your knee becomes red, hot, largely swollen or more painful, you should immediately contact your consultant for treatment. You should continue your regular medication and pain killers as normal.

What are the side effects?

Clinical trials report there were no serious side effects following treatment with Arthrosamid®. The most reported side effects were joint pain and a sensation of joint swelling, which were mostly mild in severity and lasting days to weeks. The overall safety profile of the injectable hydrogel has been established over the last 20 years with its use for various indications in the body.

Is it a good idea to have physiotherapy following the treatment?

Structured rehabilitation will aid recovery following your treatment with Arthrosamid®. Your consultant will discuss this with you.

What to expect long-term, following treatment with Arthrosamid®

Supported by more than two decades of research, Arthrosamid® is suitable, safe and effective for any patient with knee osteoarthritis and is proven to maintain a significant, long-lasting reduction in knee pain even three years post-treatment.

When can you expect to feel less pain?

You are likely to feel some pain relief within 24 hours; however, it can take four to twelve weeks to feel the maximum benefit. Clinical data shows that most patients start to feel an effect within a few weeks.

How soon could you return to normal activities?

As with any invasive joint procedure, it is recommended to avoid strenuous activity (e.g. tennis, jogging or long walks) during the first few weeks after the injection and begin rehabilitation activities when possible.

Can you have more than one treatment?

Whilst trials have not been conducted to show treatment effect, future treatments with Arthrosamid® are not contraindicated and can be discussed with your consultant.  

Can I receive Arthrosamid® treatment in both my knees?

Yes, it is possible to have both knees treated with Arthrosamid® but your consultant is best placed to decide the time period before the treatments.

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