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We’re passionate about health and the care we provide. Everyone is different, and because you’re an individual, we tailor your orthopaedic treatment to your needs. We also take infection prevention very seriously and train our people to maintain a clean environment, so you can expect to find our hospitals spotlessly clean and tidy.

Your orthopaedic journey

Referral: To see any of our experienced orthopaedic consultants, you will need a referral from your GP. Be sure and tell your GP you would like to be referred to us. Your GP can write an open referral detailing the care you may need. Or they may recommend a particular consultant and write a direct referral letter. You can also browse our consultant profile pages to choose your consultant yourself.

First Consultation: You won’t have to wait weeks to see our orthopaedic specialists. As soon as we receive your GP’s referral we’ll be in touch to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. In many cases your GP will have already sent you for diagnostic tests to help narrow down your particular situation. Your consultant will have the results of these diagnostic procedures available at your first consultation. In some cases further tests or scans may be needed.

After taking a full medical history, you consultant will examine you and discuss their finding with you. Treatment recommended will vary depending on your own medical condition. Conservative treatment such as injections or physiotherapy may be used initially. 

If your consultant recommends surgery you can also get rapid access to get your procedure scheduled and get on with recovery and living again.

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