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Learn to swim today with our ASA qualified instructors.

Our experienced and ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) qualified instructors in Northampton have successfully taught hundreds of children and adults to swim.

Not only is swimming an excellent form of exercise, due to the resistance of the water fully supporting your body, but it is a vital life skill to acquire too.

We ensure small class sizes so that everyone receives an exceptional standard of hands on teaching in the pool. We firmly believe this approach shortens the learning curve and also helps ensure water safety for all.

Do you have questions for our swimming team? You can submit enquiries to us via the web-form below.

You don't have to be a Northampton gym member to book your swimming lessons here.

One-to-one swimming lessons available here

We offer one-to-one lessons for both children and adults, providing a fantastic environment in which to learn to swim.

Whether you are just looking to learn basic technique, or are training for an important sporting event, our dedicated instructors can structure lessons to meet your specific requirements.

Discounts are available for block bookings. Speck to our swimming co-ordinator to discuss the best deal for you.

How long are lessons? How much do they cost?

Our junior swimming lessons last 30 minutes. These term long courses are designed to run within the Spring, Summer and Autumn school terms and are divided by the holidays. The cost is dependent on the length of the swim term. 

We also provide rookie lifeguard courses and crash courses during school holidays.

Please contact us on 01604 751444 for a price based on your requirements.