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Our staff at East Kilbride

Derek Brown

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

Over the past 4 years I have been one of Glasgow’s top not only personal trainers but also motivational coaches helping clients get not only the body they deserve but also the mindset the deserve too!

After struggling with my own mental health issues and being really overweight I took the first step and now have become a lot fitter and healthier as well as having a strong positive mindset.

When taking my clients for a session I always make sure they leave satisfied with the sessions and also looking forward to the next one. I feel the gym should be an enjoyable experience and not the grey cloud hanging over your day.

Do you lack motivation? I am also a fully qualified lifestyle and wellbeing coach so I can help you find your true potential while training.

What my Clients say:

Kellie Crosbie

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

I will look at all aspects of your lifestyle, including nutrition, and would design a tailored program for you to achieve your personal goals and monitor your progress. We will start with a mini health check to help understand your current health and make a plan to improve areas that need attention for increased fitness and better health. I will also advise on classes and programmes to do outwith our Personal Training time to help boost what we do in the gym and allow you a varied, interesting programme to increase your success. 

About Me

Having faced numerous personal obstacles of my own, I decided to pay overdue attention to my health and wellbeing. I wanted to improve my fitness level, overall health and reduce my weight. Once I started to see success, it became a lifestyle choice for me and I believed I could support others to do the same. I gained qualifications as a Personal Trainer and in additional areas of interest including TRX Suspension Training, Kettlebell Training and Circuit Training. I have also studied Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness and continue to add to my qualifications to offer a varied knowledge base to my clients. 

Alistair Gardner

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

Having spent most of my life engulfed in a sport and exercise lifestyle, there was never going to be any other career path for me. I completed a degree in sport studies and while at university gained many coaching qualifications to allow me to gain as much knowledge. Using this knowledge in different training methods, I aim to identify what approach is best suited to you, therefore bringing you the most enjoyment and ultimately getting you where you want to be. I specialise in finding alternatives to overcome barriers stopping you from reaching your potential, but I also pride myself in ensuring you get there in a way that you will enjoy. 

About me

I was born with Rheumatoid Arthritis which means I have always suffered from joint and muscle pain and fatigue. However growing up as a young boy who wanted to play sport, this led me to focus on ways to overcome these barriers. This started a passion for learning more about health and fitness as I found the more active I was the better I felt. I played elite football and golf throughout my teenage years representing at various professional levels in both. Whether you are at an elite level or a complete beginner I believe my experiences have given me the tools I need to help you. 

John Hendry

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

Having been involved in Amateur Sports for 20yrs, I have always been active. I have suffered 3 major injuries which have resulted in me having to rebuild my own personal fitness from scratch. Following a major knee injury in 2011, I was diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome which completely changed my approach to my own training.  I fully understand the process of starting in the gym from nothing and how daunting this can be.  My own experience of Personal Training came when I was posted to Pakistan with my wife and I suffered yet another knee injury.  Part of my recovery was to stabilize my knee through weight training and I took up the services of my Physiotherapist, who was also a Personal Trainer.  I enjoyed the experience and decided to pursue Personal Training further. I thoroughly enjoy my job and get a real buzz from helping people get active.

By tailoring your Training Programme to your goals, I make each session effective, fun and challenging.  I have a keen interest in stability and functional training and believe that this should be part of all training programmes as these form the base for all other types of training.  I believe that everyone’s time is precious and that when we enter the gym, training needs to be as effective and enjoyable as possible to enable you to get the most out of your sessions. 

What my Clients say:

Kris Hughes

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

With 4 years experience as a trainer and even more in the health and fitness industry I have gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge across several fields. I have successfully worked with weight loss clients, muscle gain, shaping and toning, athletes across various sports, injury rehab, mobility and many many more types of individuals. All working with a smile on their face. I like to keep the sessions beneficial, motivating and fun whilst supporting your fitness, nutrition and mental focus needs. At the end of the day, I want all my clients to enjoy the process.

About Kris!

I have achieved a high level of athletic success across many spectrums in sport over the years. I played some pro-youth football at Hibs and trialled with Rangers, played International Development Pathway Rugby for Glasgow and being selected for Scotland training camps and also was part of a GB Olympic potential talent campaign for Rowing. So I know what it takes to focus and work to achieve goals.

My qualifications

  • BoA (Hons) in Sports Studies and Psychology
  • Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Certified Gym Instructor
  • Enhanced Kettlebells
  • Enhanced Circuits
  • Enhanced Boxing Skills
  • Enhanced Functional Training
  • Enhanced Suspension Training (TRX)
  • Advanced Programme Design
  • Studio Cycling (spin)
  • Cystic Fibrosis Training
  • Mobility Screening

Christina McAnally

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

Having suffered from chronic back pain and two herniated discs, I knew that keeping fit and active was paramount to minimise the risk of a relapse. Health and fitness became my ultimate passion in life. Encouraging friends and family to keep me company walking up Munros or in the gym made me realise just how much I wanted to help people achieve the healthiness and happiness I had by changing my lifestyle. Sports massages became a significant part of my health regime and I decided I wanted to learn more. Once I had qualified as a Personal Trainer, I also studied to become a Sports Massage Therapist; not only to learn more about the human body on a deeper level, but to be able to offer this to people from all walks of life in need of some relaxation and recuperation.

My ultimate aim is to get your mind and body working harmoniously for you. Once we have had a full consultation and agreed on your goals together, it’s my job to support you all the way, and make sure you enjoy the road to reaching them. Together, we will look at different aspects of your diet and lifestyle to find an approach that suits you personally. Speaking from experience, reaching your goals is not an easy task. I will be there to guide and encourage you to make your time in the gym more challenging but relaxed and enjoyable.

My qualifications

  • Sports Masssage Therapy
  • L3 Personal Trainer
  • Studio Cycle
  • Kettlebells
  • Circuits

Jamie Neill

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

I have a Sports Studies degree and 15 years’ coaching experience in fitness and sport, spanning several countries within leisure centres, education and mental health groups. This has developed key skills that ensure I meet the needs of any client, notably communication, drive, empathy and a positive attitude. Whether a shy starter, to training for a competitive event, I’ll give you my knowledge and motivation to smash any limiting beliefs and make progress.

At Nuffield, I also provide Sports Massage, teach Boxercise, Les Mills GRIT and Spin, plus tutor the Lifeguard and First Aid course.

About Jamie

I’m friendly, outgoing and love a challenge, and keep health and fitness as an integral part of my life. I competed internationally for Scotland at badminton, reaching 75 in the world and winning the Scottish title twice; a journey that meant full-time training and commitment. I’ve since began hiking, bagging 100 Munro mountains in 2019, and completing a triathlon, the West Highland Way and the 4000-metre Mount Toubkal in Morocco; all for charity. The outdoors and gym have greatly improved my physical, mental and social health. Since 3 of my family have dealt with MS, I value living life to the full and am passionate about helping others to get fitter, build a strong mindset, and develop their confidence and self-belief, both in the gym and in everyday life.

What my Clients say:

“Jamie’s skills and knowledge identified with my goals, and his motivational style of teaching and training brought the best out of me. He was thoroughly interested in my health and wellbeing and had the passion, personality and sense of humour to make me feel at ease from the beginning, then to persevere and work hard."

Carly Sechaud

Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

One of the most important things for me as a personal trainer is to be able to work with clients with a variety of different personal goals (Weight loss, rehabilitation, weight gain, sport performance etc.) and different health considerations. I have previously worked with clients and designed adapted programs for clients that were diagnosed with arthritis, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and many others.

The first steps of your personal training journey would start with a friendly conversation where we would plan goal settings, talking about health considerations etc. To give you a starting point, and to be able to track your progress and achievements, I would ask my clients to do an initial and final Health MOT.

Once you have started your personal training, my role is to provide you with the best advice about adapting a healthier lifestyle (positive mind-set, balanced-diet) and most importantly to give you the best of quality of training by giving you a tailored program, teaching good techniques, and making the sessions fun and challenging in order to progress. 

About Carly

I was born in France and moved to Glasgow in 2016. Coming from a sport background, I have competed at a national level. My personal achievements: Being in the top 50 French swimmers in breaststroke, selected for the Elite regional team at the French National Championship in Monaco, selected in many training camps in Barcelona, and competed twice at the French National Championship, where I have raced against swimmers who are now professionals.

In 2018, I have obtained my Level 3 in Personal Training. I am also a Studio Spin, Metafit and FatBurn Extreme instructor, you will find the details of my classes on the gym timetable and Nuffield App.

My life has always been around health and fitness. I like the challenge and enjoy working towards events or new fitness goals. In my spare time, you will see me in this gym doing weightlifting, or doing HIIT workouts as this is what I enjoy doing the most.

My qualifications

  • L3 Personal Trainer
  • Metafit bodyweight training
  • Fatburn Extreme
  • Hatton Advanced Boxing for Fitness
  • Studio Cycle
  • HND Fitness, Health & Exercise

What my Clients say:

"Carly is the best PT I have ever worked with! Her knowledge and training style makes the sessions enjoyable even when painful! She goes above and beyond with extra training plans and diet advice and most important I started seeing results after just a few sessions. Couldn't recommend her enough."

"I had my first ever PT session, it was brilliant. Carly made me feel so good."

"Fantastic Metafit instructor - works you so hard but so inclusive for those of us who are not so fit! Thank you!"

About Personal Training

Whatever your fitness level or goals, personal training can help you to become fitter, healthier and reach your personal targets.

A personal focus on you

Sometimes we all need that extra encouragement, support, advice and motivation, whether you've just started out on your fitness journey or you’re aiming to run a marathon.

Building a great working relationship with Nuffield Health fitness staff can be a fun and very rewarding experience. They are there to educate and ensure you remain focused on your fitness goals.

Our dedicated and experienced personal trainers will help you:

  • Set realistic but challenging health goals
  • Track your progress
  • Improve flexibility with assisted stretching
  • Increase your energy levels

Nuffield Health offers a range of fitness experts in our gyms

Wellbeing Personal Trainers

Our Wellbeing Personal Trainers attend our clinically-led training course before they are accredited and are able to clearly assess your overall health and wellbeing. Wellbeing Personal Trainers are located in all our centres and are on hand to help you today, so please utilise their knowledge and skill. Contact your nearest centre to book your Health MOT and see how our Wellbeing Personal Trainers can help you reach your health goals.

Nuffield Health’s Wellbeing Personal Trainers:

  • Carry out our unique 12-point Health MOT, (within our Wellbeing Gyms)
  • Are able to advise on how to improve your health score
  • Are clinically accredited professionals and experts in health and wellbeing
  • Help you reach your individual health goals

Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers will use their expertise to design a fitness and lifestyle programme to suit your goals, helping you become fitter at a healthy rate. All our personal trainers are highly qualified, which ensures that their personal training is effective and right for you. Take a free personal training taster session to see how our personal trainers can help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Our personal trainers are:

  • Qualified professionals
  • Experts in motivation
  • Trained to a high level
  • Approachable, knowledgeable and supportive