Professor Lampson Fan


MA (Cantab), MB Bchir, Dphil (Oxon), MRCP

GMC number: 6154866

Practising since: 2007



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Dr Lampson Fan graduated from University of Cambridge with Honors in 2007. Following achievement of his Dphil at University of Oxford in Cardiovascular Medicine, he completed his Interventional Cardiology Training in 2019 with further training in a competitive fellowship at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle. He started as a substantive Interventional cardiology consultant at Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust in 2020.

His main clinical interest is complex coronary intervention with high volumes performed including left main stem, calcium modification such as rotational atherectomy and shockwave lithotripsy, left ventricular assist device and chronic total occlusions.

His main research interest currently is microvascular disease and endothelial dysfunction in vascular diseases with numerous high impact publications in these areas. He was appointed as Associate Honorary Professor at University of Birmingham in recognition of his academic achievements.

Dr Fan is also passionate about education with a special focus on simulation. He is the educational lead for cardiology and was recently appointed as the Medical Simulation Lead for Aston University Medical School.

Outside of work Dr Lampson Fan is a keen snowboarder and martial artist.

Special interests

  • Complex Intervention
  • Coronary Physiology
  • Microvascular disease

Other interests

Education especially simulation.

Locations Professor Lampson Fan works with

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  • Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist