Mr Pratik Sufi


MBBS, FRCS (RCS Eng), MS, FRCS (Gen), Lap Chirurgie (Strasbourg)

GMC number: 4360548

Practising since: 1990


General Surgery

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Mr Sufi is an experienced surgeon specialising in the surgical treatment of morbid obesity, diabetes, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, hiatus hernia, oesophageal dysmotility and strictures. He is an expert endoscopist, a laparoscopic and general surgeon with long experience in treating various conditions like gallstones, hernia, acute appendicitis, perforated peptic ulcers, intra-abdominal adhesions etc using minimally invasive techniques. He has travelled extensively to centres of excellence in Hamburg, Prague, Strasbourg, Oslo, Madeira, Oporto, Paris and Lyon to improve skills in gastric balloons, gastric bands, sleeve gastrectomy, Gastric bypass, Nissen’s fundoplication, cardiomyotomy, cholecystectomy, splenectomy and hernia repairs.

Mr Sufi leads the Bariatric and Benign Upper GI Service at Whittington Hospital (NHS) and Spire Bushey Hospital. Under his leadership Whittington achieved Preferred Provider Status for Bariatric Surgery in Southeast England, BOMSS accreditation and European Centre of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery.

Mr Sufi is a member of the British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society, the International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases, and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

More details on Mr Sufi and the services he offers are available at CEBLS, London Obesity Clinic, Spire Bushey, Whittington and BUPA websites.

Special interests

Heartburn (Gastro-oesophageal reflux), Gallbladder disease (stones, polyps), Abdominal Hernia, Obesity (Weight loss), Laparoscopic surgery.

Languages spoken

English, Bengali, Urdu

Locations Mr Pratik Sufi works with

Related experience


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  • AUGIS (Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery of Great Britain and Ireland)
  • BOMSS (British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society)
  • IFSO ( International Federation for Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Diseases)
  • RCS (Royal College of Surgeons of England)

Other posts held

  • Whittington Hospital (Whittington Health) Consultant Surgeon, Bariatric and Upper GI Surgery Lead, Chair of Medical Committee

Insurers Mr Pratik Sufi works with

Mr Pratik Sufi works with the following private medical insurance providers:

  • Aviva Health
  • AXA Health
  • Bupa
  • Cigna
  • Cigna International
  • Simplyhealth
  • Vitality Health (Pru Health)
  • WPA