Dr Thomasina Meehan


MB, FRCS (Orl), MSc (Aud med)

GMC number: 3144981

Practicing since: 1985


Audiological Medicine

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Dr Meehan graduated from University College Galway in Ireland. She became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1996 and was subsequently awarded an MSc in Audiovestibular Medicine from the University of Manchester in 1998. 

She completed her specialist training in audiovestibular medicine in Manchester Royal Infirmary and The Welsh Hearing Institute in Cardiff. She subsequently worked in the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital in London before taking up a substantive post in Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham and Royal Derby Hospital in 2004.

She specialises exclusively in hearing impairment, tinnitus, hyperacusis, central auditory processing disorders, unsteadiness and has a special interest in vertigo.

Dr Meehan was instrumental in setting up specialised audiological testing for children with central auditory processing disorders when working in Cardiff and liaised closely with Mr Mark Johnston, Consultant in Otorhinolaryngology, to introduce high dose intratympanic steroid injections for the treatment of patients with Meniere's disease. 

She spearheaded the introduction of a new form of vestibular testing  (ie vestibular evoked myogenic potentials) to the Derby, Nottingham region which has helped with the diagnosis of patients with vestibular complaints.

Other interests

Dr Meehan specialises in the management of balance disorders (vertigo, dizziness, unsteadiness), hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis and auditory processing disorders.

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  • Adult audiology hearing aid provision

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Related experience


Dr Meehan spent 2 years researching risk factors for "hearing impairment following bacterial meningitis" and "CSF glucose levels and sensorineural hearing loss in bacterial meningitis." She has numerous publications on tinnitus and hearing impairment and has written a chapter on "Tinnitus" for ABC of the Ear, Nose and Throat.

Additional papers and publications include:

  1. "An Unusual Pharyngeal Pouch" Meehan T. Henein RR, Journal of Laryngology and Otology.  1992; 106(ii): 1002-1003
  2. "Alar Cartilage Haematoma"  Meehan T. Kaddour H. Lannigan FJ, Journal of Laryngology and Otology.  1994; 108(6): 500-502
  3. "The use of an open-ended questionnaire with parents of hearing impaired teenagers; an exploratory study"  Meehan T, France EA, Stephens SDG, Journal of Audiological Medicine, 2002; 11(1): 46-59
  4. "Lipomas of the Internal Auditory Canal and Cerebellopontine Angle"  Meehan T, Stephens SDG, Hourihan MD, Cavilla IP, Shone G, Journal of Audiological Medicine 2002; 11(2): 110-120
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  9. "A Review of Tinnitus Treatments Part I", Dr T Meehan, Miss C Nogueira, Mr N Fergi, Masterclass in ENT 2010 Year book
  10. "A Review of Tinnitus Treatments Part II", Dr T Meehan, Miss C Nogueira, Mr N Fergie, Masterclass in ENT 2011 Year book


  • British Association of Audiological Physicians
  • British Medical Association

Other posts held

  • Consultant Audiovestibular Physician/Neuro-otologist, Royal Derby Hospital
  • Consultant Audiovestibular Physician/Neuro-otologist, Queen's Medical Centre, Nottingham


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