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Practising since: 2004


Adult Audiology, Paediatric Audiology

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Jay Jindal is a highly qualified audiologist with a doctorate degree in audiology and 15+ years of experience in NHS and independent sectors in UK.

Jay is NHS trained and has a vast experience of dealing with hearing and balance issues in both children and adults. In fact, the youngest person he saw for a hearing assessment and hearing aid prescription was a two weeks old little baby; and the oldest person was a 1065 years old former boxer.

Clinical services provided:

  • Hearing assessment for children (0-18 years) and adults
  • Earwax removal via microsuction
  • Hearing aid prescription for children and adults
  • Balance or dizziness assessment for children and adults
  • Auditory processing disorder assessment for children and adults
  • Tinnitus assessment, information and advice
  • Noise protection devices, swim/music/sleep plugs for all age groups

With additional training in speech therapy and aural rehabilitation, he has an added advantage of understanding the communication issues that can arise irrespective of hearing loss. For example, he once identified a gentleman with comprehension problem known as 'receptive aphasia' who was deemed to be a poor user of hearing aids as he was not able to understand his family. On another occasion, he identified a specific issue known as 'wide vestibular aqueduct' in a school going girl that can cause fluctuating hearing loss, who was deemed to be 'making up' her hearing loss.

Jay is a member of Fitness-To-Practice (FTP) panel of the UK's regulatory body for hearing aid audiologists-Health and Care Professional Council. He is also appointed as a Council Member for the Council of audiology professional body- British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists. He is a key author or reviewer of the national guidance produced via British Society of Audiologists (https://www.thebsa.org.uk/resources/guidance-on-the-verification-of-hearing-devices-using-probe-microphone-measurements/) and British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (https://www.bshaa.org/updated-guidance-on-onward-referral/)

Jay has keen interest in academics and research. He has various national and international publications to his credit. He organises his own clinical audiology courses and is often asked to deliver lectures at various national and international conferences, seminars etc.

For current list of audiology blogs written by Dr Jay Jindal, please visit: https://www.audiologyplanet.com/category/blog/  Blogs available on ear and hearing health including how to protect your ears from loud noises, what is auditory processing disorder, how cotton buds can be counterproductive for the ears, link between hearing and overall health etc.

NB: If you have had an appointment with me already, I would be most grateful for you to leave a feedback to help me improve and become better at what I do- https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BZVHH6Z 

Special interests

  • Hearing assessment for children (0-16 years) and adults
  • A comprehensive Hearing Care Package for children (0-18 years) and adults
  • Ear wax removal via microsuction (3 months-16 years) and adults
  • Auditory processing disorder assessment for children (5-18 years) and adults
  • Tinnitus assessment, information, and advice
  • Noise protection devices, DIY plugs, swim plus, music plugs and sleep plugs for all age groups
  • Balance and/or dizziness assessment for children (7-18 years) and adults

Personal interests

Reading, travelling and photography

Treatments and tests offered by Dr Jay Jindal at Nuffield Health

  • Adult audiology hearing aid provision

Locations Dr Jay Jindal works with

Related experience


National and international publications (as first or second author)

  • UK national guidance on probe microphone measurement for fitting hearing devices. Publication due in Spring 2018. Available at https://www.thebsa.org.uk/resources/ 
  • Personality changes in post operative laryngectomy cases. ENT Journal. Aug 2008, 87(8): E5
  • Can self-assessment of communication predict hearing loss? A study. Journal of Laryngology and Otology. May 2007, 121 (5): 435-437
  • Progression of auditory deficit in Systemic lupus erythematosus. Bull PGI. 2006; 41: 71-71
  • Reversible hearing loss associated with high voltage electricity. Journal of Laryngology and Otology. Aug 2005, 119:631-33
  • Narcotic induced ototoxicity. Bull PGI. July 2005, 38:27-29
  • Assistive listening devices for the hard of hearing. Indian Journal of Otology. Dec 2004, 10:18-22

Blog articles (on https://www.audiologyplanet.com)

1. Audiology Instrument Review: Inventis Viola
2. Connectivity with hearing devices for music and speech
3. Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry (CERA): How I do It!
4. Auditory Processing Disorder: Article Based on a Recent Live Chat
5. Is music damaging your hearing?


  • Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists, UK
  • British Academy of Audiologists, UK
  • Health and Care Professions Council, UK (Hearing Aid Dispenser)
  • British Society of Audiologists
  • British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists
  • National Community Hearing Association

Insurers Dr Jay Jindal works with

Dr Jay Jindal works with the following private medical insurance providers:

  • Aviva Health
  • AXA Health
  • AXA - Global Healthcare
  • Bupa
  • Cigna
  • Vitality Health (Pru Health)
  • Aetna
  • Benenden Health
  • Bupa
  • Healix Healthcare
  • WPA


Dr Jay Jindal does not hold a share or financial interest in this hospital, another Nuffield Health hospital or the company.

Dr Jay Jindal has the following interest in equipment used at this hospital or another Nuffield Health hospital:

Owns equipment used during the audiology clinic, includes TDH Headset, INS Phone, Bone conductor trans, Loop Back tester, Chartr EP 200 Vemp Monit Kit, no fee arrangements

Dr Jay Jindal does not hold any paid advisory role(s) at this hospital or on behalf of Nuffield Health.