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GMC number: 6143181

Practising since: 2006



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Dr James B. Powell is a Herefordian and Consultant Dermatologist specialising in the diagnosis and management of inflammatory skin reactions/dermatoses, skin lesions, skin cancers, cryotherapy and dermatological surgery in patients of all ages. 

Dr Powell is clinical lead of the BMJ Dermatology Team of the Year 2021 and has been nominated for an NHS 2022 Digital and Data award.

Dr Powell has a busy and diverse NHS practice at Hereford County Hospital including specialist tertiary referral clinics at University Hospital Wales Cardiff focusing on skin conditions provoked or worsened by sunlight - including cutaneous porphyrias and the delivery of phototherapy to improve many rare and common dermatoses.

Dr Powell has taught locally, nationally and internationally and is widely published in the most highly respected dermatological journals and has written a book on photodermatology.

Dr Powell does not consult on cosmetic dermatology including laser surgery. 

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  • British Association of Dermatologists
  • Royal College of Physicians
  • General Medical Council
  • Medical Protection Society
  • The Patients Association

Other posts held

  • Consultant Dermatologist Hereford County Hospital.

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