TV celebrity Rosemary Shragar has successful hip surgery at Tunbridge Wells Hospital

The TV chef and ‘I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star had to slow down her busy schedule when hip pain started to affect her quality of life. To find a solution, Rosemary contacted Nuffield Health to learn how surgery could help.

“I knew it was serious when I couldn’t walk to the car,” says Rosemary Shrager, an accomplished chef who worked with Jean-Christophe Novelli as a judge on Soapstar Super chef and finished sixth in ITV’s ‘I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! in 2012.

With her hip deteriorating, threatening her mobility, lifestyle and happiness Rosemary contacted Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

“I asked a few friends including a medical professional who recommended consultant Mr Senthil Velayudham, saying he is one of the best hip surgeons with excellent results,” says Rosemary.

Mr Velayudham performs minimally invasive hip replacements using techniques that preserve muscle function, minimize blood loss and allows enhanced recovery.

All his patients go through the enhanced recovery programme which is teamwork involving nursing staff, physiotherapists, anaesthetist and the surgeon. He has excellent long term results and patient satisfaction as confirmed on National Joint Registry data. 

“Prior to meeting Mr Velayudham I was feeling anxious and beginning to wonder if I’d ever be able to walk pain free again. As soon as I met him at my first consultation, I felt totally at ease and any feelings of anxiety faded. I’m a lady with a fuller figure and a different approach was required because of my size,” says Rosemary. 

“The safest way of doing it was to keep me awake during surgery. I didn’t get up quickly like others, everything took a little longer in comparison to a fitter person. I stayed in the hospital a bit longer and kept crutches for longer than average,” she adds. 

Mr Velayudham, Consultant Hip Surgeon, comments: “The enhanced recovery programme following total hip replacement is applicable to all patients. Selected patients will be able to go home on the same day or the next day but the ripple effect of this programme helps all patients.

“It has to be tailored to the patient’s condition and needs. This enabled us to produce excellent results for Rosemary.”

After leaving hospital as an inpatient, Rosemary returned to have physiotherapy as an outpatient from Nuffield Health’s physiotherapy team.

“I had this three times as an outpatient, adding to what I received during my hospital stay,” she says. “The physios were fabulous with the aftercare. They encouraged me and even though I didn’t think I was doing well, they said I was doing brilliantly so I just kept going.”

“Slowly but surely, I learned to walk together. It’s not easy but it is easy. The wonderful thing about this operation is that you have no pain when you have been used to living with pain,” she adds.

Rosemary returned to her television work three weeks after leaving hospital, filming while still on her crutches. “I was worried about taking the crutches away, but I did it and my new hip is normal now,” she says. I am back to my physical activities as before and pleased with the outcome. 

Rosemary is happy about her experience at Nuffield Health Tunbridge Wells. “The care was absolutely phenomenal, second to none and absolute perfection. They couldn’t have done more for me,” she says.

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Last updated Thursday 25 May 2023

First published on Friday 6 January 2023