Tech Health #2: VR to assist pain relief and Pokémon Go

For episode #2 of the Tech Health podcast we talk to Matthew Stoudt from AppliedVR about using virtual reality to manage pain. And we discuss how Pokémon Go could be getting the nation fitter.

In this, our second episode of Tech Health we speak with Matthew Stoudt and consider whether virtual reality could be a game changer for pain relief during labour, among many other applications.

But with Pikachu and his friends all around us, we couldn't ignore the Pokémon Go craze so caught up with Alan Payne, non-Executive Director with the Northern Health Science Alliance and Professor of Intelligent Systems at University College London (as well as Nuffield Health’s Chief Digital and Information Officer) to discuss how the game could influence the fitness sector.

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Last updated Monday 26 September 2016

First published on Monday 18 July 2016