Tech Health #3: 3D printing orthotics for children

In this month's podcast we talk to the wonderful company Andiamo who are trailblazing the 3D printing of orthotic supports for children in the UK (and have set themselves the goal of delivering a medically effective orthosis within 1 week of a person’s need globally).

The inspiration for the company came from Diamo Parvez, who, due to medical negligence, lived with cerebral palsy. Sadly, Diamo passed away just nine years old. Andiamo was created to help counter the difficulties experienced getting good orthotic devices to improve his quality of life.

Andiamo's CEO (and Diamo's Dad) Naveed Parvez discusses the gulf between the promise and reality of 3D printing (one they are thankfully helping to narrow), how the technology is developing, the benefits of 3D scanning over taking a plaster cast (which can be difficult enough for a full grown adult, let alone a small child) and much, much more.

Senior Content Producer Chris Brunner also calls in to discuss 3D printing and scanning news from around the world, including 3D printed jaws in North Korea, 3D designs (and VR tours) of hospitals in crisis zones and a clever 3D printed solution for runners looking to pace themselves.

You can stream this podcast above, or download it for iTunes or Pocket Casts.

Last updated Thursday 14 September 2017

First published on Wednesday 24 August 2016

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