Simplyhealth partners with Nuffield Health to strengthen physiotherapy services for customers and offer extra benefits

Simplyhealth, the UK’s leading health plan and dental plan provider, has announced today a new partnership with Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity

First published March 2020

The new partnership will give Simplyhealth’s customers access to our network of 3,000 registered physiotherapists across the UK. 

Customers who visit a our physiotherapist based at any of our 112 fitness and wellbeing clubs and 31 hospitals will also benefit from preferential rates and a free 30 day gym membership. These benefits will be available at all our fitness and wellbeing clubs, where customers will have access to market leading gym equipment to help their recovery. 

With one of the largest network of chartered physiotherapists outside the NHS, we will provide Simplyhealth customers with a clinical network of physiotherapist’s, ensuring delivery of evidence based treatments at locations convenient to them. 

Michael Rudman, Strategic Partnerships Director at Simplyhealth, said: “We are continually looking to build strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations who can help us provide the best service to our customers. Nuffield Health’s purpose to build a healthier nation completely aligns with own purpose to provide access to healthcare so we are really excited to enter into this relationship.”

All our physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment of all muscle and joint pains, including but not limited to, back pain, sciatica, whiplash, knee pain and shoulder pain. Treatment options are tailored to each individual enabling quick recovery and return to normal daily activity. 

Catherine Rutland, Clinical Director at Simplyhealth, said: “We are dedicated to providing our customers with access to quality and trustworthy healthcare and support as and when they need it. We know how busy people are which is why we offer access to healthcare professionals outside of normal work hours to make it easier for them to look after themselves and prevent minor health problems from developing into something more. Our partnership with Nuffield Health has enabled us to expand our offering to include a wide range of physiotherapy services, while retaining the high quality of service that our customers expect.”

We are the UK’s largest healthcare charity and run a national network of hospitals, medical clinics, fitness and wellbeing clubs, diagnostic units and flagship programmes to support communities by widening access. We also support organisations in looking after their employees by connecting people to healthcare experts and services, to help them achieve, maintain and recover to the level of health and fitness they aspire to. Services include, primary care, health assessments, emotional wellbeing and on-site fitness and wellbeing. 

Our Corporate Healthcare Director, Kevin Thomson, commented: “We are a long-established and trusted health and wellbeing provider in the UK and work with a significant number of organisations to deliver healthcare services which help improve the health of the nation. Through partnerships, like this with Simplyhealth, we are able to broaden our access and reach more customers so we are excited about working with Simplyhealth in the future to help their customers’ lead healthy lives.” 

Last updated Friday 28 May 2021

First published on Thursday 5 March 2020