Nuffield Health makes 30 hospitals available to the NHS to support battle against Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Nuffield Health, the UK’s largest healthcare charity, is making 30 hospitals across England available to NHS trusts following discussions with NHS England about how independent hospitals can support NHS patients in its efforts against the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Conversations about timings between us and NHS England are ongoing and it’s possible that three of our hospitals may be utilised to provide cancer care to NHS patients with our other 27 hospitals focussed on Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 patient care. We have also offered support with clinicians, support services and clinical equipment such as ventilators. Access to our 14 nurseries is also available for NHS and key workers to relieve the strain on employees and their families. We will be reimbursed at cost meaning no profit will be made and it will be audited by external auditors. 

Our Chief Executive, Steve Gray, explains: “This is an unprecedented time, as the UK’s largest healthcare charity we have a huge role to play in supporting the NHS patients in our local communities across the nation. We, alongside other independent hospital providers, have been in discussions with the NHS about how we can support the NHS. This is likely to be for a minimum of three months while the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation continues to require our support.” 

Our support is centred around the provision of pathways for patients with specific conditions, including coronavirus (Covid-19), medical step down, urgent elective and cancer care. We are also reviewing how we can utilise our network of clinical employees, physiologists, physiotherapists, and personal trainers to offer further support in this area. 

Our Medical and Charity Director, Dr Davina Deniszczyc, adds: “We are in a unique position to care for NHS patients clinically, physically and mentally. We are here to help those affected by the Covid-19 (coronavirus), cancer and other health conditions, and ease the strain on our incredible NHS. 

“We are committed to supporting regional NHS trusts and local communities across the nation in any way we can. As part of this, we are looking at how we can help the more vulnerable people in our communities and supporting parents to keep their children active while schools are closed through extending our flagship programmes at no cost. We are also offering online fitness classes and emotional wellbeing guidance to keep people fit and emotionally resilient at this time.” 

Last updated Saturday 21 March 2020

First published on Saturday 21 March 2020