New Nuffield Health Minimum Wage leads the way in health and wellbeing sector

The 1st April 2016 will see the introduction of the new Nuffield Health Minimum Wage for all its employees regardless of age.

The health and wellbeing provider is today committing to the new Nuffield Health Minimum Wage which all employees across the organisation’s hospitals, corporate and wellbeing facilities will be eligible to receive. The new £7.20 hourly wage entitlement will not be limited by length of service or performance.

Debbie Mansfield, HR Director, Nuffield Health comments:

“We are committed to ensuring that everyone who works for Nuffield Health receives a fair wage. From 1st April those under the age of 25 will receive the Nuffield Health Minimum Wage of £7.20 per hour. This means that all of our people will be earning above the national minimum wage”.

The apprentices on a formal apprenticeship programme will continue to be paid the Nuffield Health Apprenticeship Wage which is already more generous than the national minimum wage for apprentices.

Hannah McWeeney, aged 23, lifeguard at Nuffield Health Ilford Fitness Wellbeing Gym says:

“I am really pleased by the introduction of the Nuffield Health Minimum Wage. It is great that the organisation has taken the decision to offer this to all staff, leading the way in the fitness industry. This will make a real difference to me and has only motivated me further to deliver an excellent service in an industry that I am passionate about.”

Last updated Thursday 7 April 2016

First published on Thursday 17 March 2016