New Executive Board strengthens Nuffield Health’s strategy

New CEO Steve Gray, who joined Nuffield Health on 1st December, has today announced several changes to the executive board to strengthen the delivery of the organisation’s integrated healthcare strategy.

Gray has identified that to deliver the strategy to its maximum potential the organisation needs to be structured in a way that allows it to work in a truly integrated manner. To do this he is bringing together the current wellbeing and hospital divisions into one Nuffield Health, both at an executive board and operational level.

Steve Gray, CEO Nuffield Health commented on the changes, “Creating one Nuffield Health sets us up for success, placing our members, patients and customers at the centre of all we do. The new executive board has a great combination of healthcare and business knowledge; it’s a mix of the existing executive board, internal promotions and new faces and I believe it has everything it needs to be an extremely high performing leadership team.”

Headed up by Steve Gray CEO, the new executive board has some key changes to roles and responsibilities. Dr Andrew Jones, whose previous role at Nuffield Health, was Managing Director Wellbeing becomes Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the delivery of services and standards across the whole organisation.

Alan Payne joins the organisation from Bupa, where he was most recently Group Digital Director and takes up the newly created position of Chief Digital & Information Officer. Alan will focus on bringing IT and digital together enabling a step change, driving development and increasing the organisation’s digital health offering.

Greg Hyatt remains in his role as Chief Finance Officer, where he continues to oversee the financial side of the business and relationships with banks and financial institutions. 

A Chief Commercial Officer will be announced shortly, the role will lead the design and development of the proposition, focusing on the brand, marketing and new services.

Luke Talbutt, General Counsel & Company Secretary continues in this role and is responsible for running the legal, quality assurance and health and safety teams.

Caroline Smith joins the organisation on 1st February 2016 as Business Development Director, focusing on strategy, key projects, such as Manchester and the innovation pipeline. Caroline has been a Partner at Management Solutions for Health Care since 2009, recently consulting with Healthcare at Home. Her previous roles include Director of Health Care Services for Lloyds Pharmacy.

There are two internal promotions to the board; previously Wellbeing Medical Director, Dr Davina Deniszczyc joins the board as Medical Director and Debbie Mansfield as HR Director. Both have worked at Nuffield Health for a number of years, leading many strategic projects and bring an excellent understanding of the business to the board.

By implementing these changes, Gray is aiming to enable Nuffield Health to fulfil its true potential as a digitally advanced complete healthcare provider and deliver on its vision of offering more accessible, innovative ways for people to get and stay healthy.

The new executive board, effective immediately, consists of:

  • Steve Gray, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Dr Andrew Jones, Chief Operating Officer 
  • Alan Payne, Chief Digital & Information Officer
  • Greg Hyatt, Chief Finance Officer 
  • Chief Commercial Officer (tbc) 
  • Caroline Smith, Business Development Director, from 1st February 2016
  • Luke Talbutt, General Counsel & Company Secretary
  • Dr Davina Deniszczyc, Medical Director 
  • Debbie Mansfield, HR Director

Last updated Thursday 7 April 2016

First published on Wednesday 9 December 2015