Exercise is a great way to help lower your blood pressure levels. Ben Kelly, Director of Research and Outcomes, explains five of the best exercises.

Updated: Tuesday 24 January 2023

Published: Wednesday 30 March 2016

If you struggle with high blood pressure, small changes to your diet can make a big difference, alongside the advice given to you by your GP. Conor Duncan, Senior Physiologist, explains some simple ways you can lower your blood pressure.

Updated: Tuesday 24 January 2023

Published: Wednesday 30 March 2016

Not sure what to make of your blood pressure? Here’s how the numbers work.

Updated: Tuesday 24 January 2023

Published: Friday 18 November 2016

Putting the right things in and taking the wrong things out of your diet can be difficult. This guide can help you make the right choices if you have high blood pressure.

Updated: Friday 20 January 2023

Published: Friday 27 January 2017

High blood pressure increases the force on your blood vessel walls, as well as the strain on your heart. This increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke. However, even small reductions in your blood pressure can significantly reduce this risk. Abby Smith explains five ways you can lower your blood pressure through the food you eat.

Updated: Wednesday 18 January 2023

Published: Wednesday 18 January 2023

People with diabetes are twice as likely to have high blood pressure than those without diabetes. High blood pressure can increase your risk of heart disease, so it's really important to live a healthy lifestyle if you have diabetes. Conor Duncan, Senior Physiologist, shares advice for diabetics to manage their blood pressure.

Updated: Monday 16 January 2023

Published: Wednesday 11 January 2023

If you struggle with high blood pressure, it might feel like the things you shouldn’t eat outnumber the ones you should. These quick tips will help you to make good choices when hunger strikes.

Updated: Wednesday 21 December 2022

Published: Wednesday 1 February 2017

Knowing what to eat is one thing, getting it into your diet is another.

Updated: Wednesday 21 December 2022

Published: Tuesday 31 January 2017

It’s estimated sleep apnoea goes undiagnosed in as many as 5% of adults in the UK. The difficulty of course, is it only happens while you sleep. Here are six signs to wake up to.

Updated: Tuesday 7 June 2022

Published: Friday 29 July 2016

High blood pressure and cholesterol levels are a clear and present danger to your heart health. But there’s a super food that can turn the tide.

Updated: Monday 25 April 2022

Published: Wednesday 30 November 2016

If the emails are stacking up and you feel like it's all getting too much, take some advice from Physiologist Marcus Herbert on how to relieve stress at work.

Updated: Wednesday 24 February 2021

Published: Monday 23 May 2016

Recent fitness trends have placed a greater focus on resistance training, but that's no reason to ignore the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. Nuffield Health's Head of Fitness, Chris Foster, provides the reasons cardio can improve your health.

Updated: Thursday 3 September 2020

Published: Wednesday 16 November 2016

Andy had noticed he was getting larger. He was aware that his chest would get tight, and he preferred to hide in the back of photographs. But it wasn't until he applied for the Healthy Weight Programme that he realised how close he was to a catastrophic event.

Updated: Monday 18 May 2020

Published: Tuesday 30 May 2017