Gosia Bowling, Emotional Wellbeing National Lead at Nuffield Health, discusses five key things you should know to support your partner through the menopause.

Updated: Friday 28 April 2023

Published: Monday 28 October 2019

Valentine’s Day means different things to people and can often trigger a wide range of emotions. Gosia Bowling, National Mental Health Lead at Nuffield Health, shares tips and guidance on how, and what, to focus on this year to ensure you can get the most from the day.

Updated: Monday 13 February 2023

Published: Monday 13 February 2023

A positive result on a pregnancy test can herald many positive life changes, but it won't all be a breeze. Emotional wellbeing expert Brendan Street takes us through some of the changes to expect.

Updated: Friday 7 October 2022

Published: Wednesday 27 February 2019

A new baby can bring couples, families and friends closer together, but changed priorities and a lack of time can create challenges. Find out how to navigate relationship changes during this time.

Updated: Friday 7 October 2022

Published: Monday 25 February 2019

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing intimacy issues, not all of them are things you can control on your own. Here's six things that could be getting in the way of your sex life.

Updated: Friday 7 October 2022

Published: Friday 1 April 2016