Careology and Nuffield Health partner to support patients during cancer treatment

Careology and Nuffield Health have partnered in a pilot to provide patients undergoing cancer treatment with support through digital cancer care technology.

By using the Careology app, up to 50 patients undergoing cancer treatment at Nuffield Health Derby Hospital will be connected and in control of monitoring their health including symptoms, vital signs and wellbeing measures. The initial deployment of the app started on 14 February. The ‘virtual ward’ view in Careology ProfessionalTM enables nurses, pharmacists and clinicians to provide a more personalised and connected patient experience.

Digital cancer care is playing an increasingly important role during and after their treatment. Hospitals and cancer care teams receive real-time insights through patient reported data and clinical questionnaires, such as holistic needs assessments. This supports improving health outcomes. 

Paul Landau, Founder and CEO comments: “Nuffield Health is a leading independent health and wellbeing provider with an excellent reputation for providing an outstanding patient experience. This mirrors our approach at Careology, putting the patient at the centre of our technology. We have been incredibly impressed by Nuffield Health’s proactive approach and its commitment to moving into the new digital age in healthcare. We are looking forward to closely collaborating as we deliver on our mission to create more ‘Up Days’ for everyone living and dealing with cancer.”

Our Interim Quality Lead for Cancer Services, Elisa Mills, said: “Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be an incredibly daunting and worrying experience for anyone. Our approach at Nuffield Health is to go out of our way to ensure patients feel as comfortable as possible during, and after, their treatment. That’s why our pilot at Nuffield Health Derby Hospital and partnership with Careology is so exciting. Using digital cancer care to better support our patients whilst they are at home, paired with comprehensive remote monitoring from our specialist cancer teams, will significantly enhance how we communicate with patients and enable us to personalise their experience. We believe this has the potential to provide a new standard of patient support in cancer care.” 

David Richardson, Hospital Director at Nuffield Health Derby Hospital said: “We are committed to providing our patients with the latest technologies and we are excited to see how the piloting of this technology and partnership with Careology progresses. People undergoing cancer treatment have many different experiences and we hope using this Careology app will provide them with extra support and knowledge so they can understand their treatment pathway.” 

Our Head of Digital Services, Steve Winton, adds: “At Nuffield Health we understand the important role digital technology plays in healthcare. Providing greater visibility through ‘virtual wards’ supports how complex conditions, like cancer, are treated most effectively. We believe the digital cancer care technology Careology provides is truly best in class and will help us to better support our patients, clinical colleagues and hospitals.”

Last updated Wednesday 2 March 2022

First published on Wednesday 2 March 2022