Several things can cause low libido in men. They include getting older, the presence of an underlying health condition, relationship issues, or a hormone imbalance. If you’re a man and you’re concerned about your sex drive, interest, or desire, keep reading to learn more about the common causes, signs, and symptoms.

Updated: Friday 24 May 2024

Published: Friday 24 May 2024

All men are born with a prostate, but many of us aren’t sure what it does and how it works. Because of its location and function, it can be difficult to detect problems like prostate enlargement or prostate cancer early on, especially in older men.

Updated: Thursday 23 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 22 May 2024

Research shows that men are less likely than women to seek medical help or advice. Traditional views on masculinity and fear of bad news are just two of the most common reasons men give for putting off check-ups. This can lead to potentially harmful conditions being ignored and men losing out on valuable information about their overall health.

Updated: Thursday 23 May 2024

Published: Wednesday 22 May 2024

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects men of all ages. ED is characterised by an inability or difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection that’s firm enough for sex. It can affect confidence levels, reduce libido (sex drive), and make sexual intercourse with a partner difficult.

Updated: Tuesday 14 May 2024

Published: Tuesday 14 May 2024

This year, Ramadan falls in April to May and Muslims in the UK are fasting from around 4am (Sehri) to 8pm (Iftar). In this article, Dr Asif Naseem, a GP and practicing Muslim with a background in Health & Wellbeing, and Mr James Viner, Clinic Manager and Senior Health & Wellbeing Physiologist, provide advice on how to keep yourself fit and healthy if you are fasting.

Updated: Thursday 29 April 2021

Published: Thursday 29 April 2021