With over 50 years of experience of looking after people, and a unique approach to health and wellbeing, we offer the services of over 15,000 health experts which includes access to 6,000+ consultants to help you get healthy, and stay healthy.

A unique approach to health and wellbeing

As a charity - in fact the largest healthcare charity in the UK - all of our income is invested back into our business, not paid to shareholders. This keeps us at the forefront of medical care, delivering proven and pioneering technologies to give you the best possible outcome and a shorter recovery time. 

From pre-admission to discharge, your experience with us is tailored to your individual needs. Our smart en-suite private rooms, friendly staff and delicious yet nutritious food menu, will help get you back on your feet in no time. In fact, our facilities often feel more like a hotel than a hospital, but with the added reassurance of our high clinical standards.

But it's not just our facilities that make the difference, it's our dedicated team. At Nuffield Health Hospitals, your personal care team is led by a matron, just as it has been for 54 years. The same nursing team will look after you throughout your stay, and you will see the same leading consultant from the consultation stage through to your recovery period.

Our nationwide network of private hospitals are affordable and accessible, both for people with private medical insurance and for those who wish to pay for themselves

The best medical technology

At Nuffield Health we constantly invest in our equipment and advanced technology, so that we continue to offer the latest procedures, in the cleanest environment possible.

  • Modern diagnostics
  • Advanced surgical equipment
  • Robotic surgery
  • Industry-leading sterilisation
  • State-of-the art theatre ventilation
  • Constant investment

Our advanced technology includes modern diagnostic equipment, advanced surgical equipment to assist minimally invasive surgery, and occasionally incisionless surgery such as trans-oral incisionless fundoplication.

In most of our operating theatres we use laminar airflow ventilation systems and in some locations even robotic surgery. Our surgical equipment is also sterilised using our own sterilisation facilities, which are among the most advanced in the UK, meaning that you can be sure that an operation at Nuffield Health will be performed using spotlessly clean equipment.

Almost all technical advancements in healthcare are designed to improve outcomes and reduce risk. By having the latest, clinically proven, procedure with Nuffield Health you are more likely to have the outcome you desire. Our steps to reduce infection risk will also reduce your risk of avoidable complications.

Nuffield Health is the only hospital operator in the UK with a state-of-the-art equipment sterilisation unit (HSSU) and one of only a handful offering the most advanced medical technologies to assist your procedure. We are compliant with all regulations.