Why have I been referred to Nuffield Health for an Ergonomic Assessment?

Your Line Manager, HR, Occupational Health team or yourself (depending on your employer’s scheme) have made a referral for an Ergonomic Assessment, which may include your display screen equipment, PC desk set up or vehicle assessment.

What information will my employer share with Nuffield Health about me? (not applicable where you refer yourself)

If Nuffield Health receive the referral from your employer. The referral form will include your name, assessment address (where the assessment will take place), your email and contact phone number. It will outline your availability for the assessment and what kind of assessment you need e.g. your display screen equipment, PC desk set up or vehicle assessment.

Will Nuffield Health always produce a report?

Yes, following your Ergonomic Assessment, a report will be created.

What will the report contain?

Information contained in the report will depend if this an assessment of your workstation or your vehicle.

Workstation assessment will include:
your name; telephone number; address where the assessment took place; job title; full/part time; height; working routine; do you work in multiple locations; percentage of computer work per day; information relating to use of computer; right or left handed; telephone usage; movement breaks; lunch breaks; reported issues; area of pain/discomfort; workstation and desk observations; assessment of workstation equipment and suitability; chair assessment; changes made during assessment; photos – behind user at eye height; whole workstation and side on view of desk level.

Vehicle assessment will include: your name; telephone number; address where the assessment took place; type of car; time spent in the car; average yearly mileage; percentage of time spent motorway and urban driving; frequency of breaks; any reports of discomfort while driving; any postural aids currently used; current vehicle set up; accessories trialled and outcomes; did changes assist driver; outstanding issues; recommendations and any advice provided.

What is the purpose of the report, who will see the report and why?

The report provides your employer with the conclusion of your Ergonomic Assessment, so that they can take this into account with regards to any adaptations or adjustments required for you at work.

Can I see a copy of my report before it is shared with anyone else?

Due to the automation of the process and the service requirement to share this report you are not able to see the report before it is shared with your employer. However, the assessor carrying out the assessment will discuss with you any recommendations they may have. You can always ask your employer to share the report with you.

Do I have the ability to object to my report being shared?

You have been referred to Nuffield Health for one of the purposes outlined above. As the sharing of the report with your employer is a key to achieving the purpose of the referral this will need to be shared with your employer to ensure that the any work place adjustments can be implemented. Therefore, if you decide to have the Ergonomic Assessment you will not have the ability to refuse to have your report shared with your employer. If you do not want a report shared with your employer then you are withdrawing from the Ergonomic Assessment service.

Don’t you need my consent to share information about me with third parties?

Not always. In accordance with the Data Protection Legislation we are required to ensure we share your information lawfully. This means we need to ensure we have a specific reason to share your information. If the sharing of your information is necessary, e.g. to uphold patient safety, to perform a contract, to do something you have asked us to do then we do not always need to ask for your consent. If you give us your consent you should be able to freely choose whether your information is shared or not, but where the sharing of your information is necessary we do not want to give you a choice that you do not really have (which is the case with this service).

Where can I find out more information about how my information may be shared?

You can always ask a member of Nuffield Health staff who would be more than happy to help.

We have more information on our website as well in our privacy policy.

Will my GP know about my Ergonomic Assessment?

We will not share your report with your NHS GP.