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Your ulnar nerve goes around the back of the inner elbow, then through a tight tunnel between your forearm muscles. Increased pressure on this nerve can result in numbness in your little finger and ring finger.

Is ulnar nerve release surgery right for me?

If you have mild symptoms that mostly happen during the night, a splint may help to hold your elbow straight while you are in bed. But if you’re experiencing discomfort, then your consultant may recommend ulnar nerve release surgery to prevent further damage to the nerve. The surgery may improve any numbness in your hand as long as you have the operation in good time.

What happens during ulnar nerve release surgery?

During your operation, your surgeon will cut any tight tissue that is compressing the nerve over the back, inner side, of your elbow. They may need to remove some bone or shift a nerve to lie in front of the elbow.

The procedure will take around 30-45 minutes and will be done under anaesthetic.

Recovery from ulnar nerve release surgery

You should be able to return home the same day, and initially you’ll need to keep your arm elevated. Gentle exercise of your elbow, fingers and shoulder is important to prevent stiffness and will help you return to normal activities quickly, but do check with your consultant beforehand

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