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Why donate?

Many people have difficulty starting a family. Some require donor sperm for their treatment.  Becoming a sperm donor is an altruistic act and can be very rewarding for you and the families you help create. Many people cannot start a family due to this shortage. Becoming a sperm donor is an altruistic act and can be very rewarding.

Can anyone donate?

Donors should be between the ages of 18 and 39. They should have no serious medical disability or a family history of hereditary disorders. Before being accepted as a donor you would be expected to complete a medical questionnaire, undergo a physical examination and provide blood and urine samples to screen for infections and genetic disorders.

Two semen samples will also be analysed to check your suitability as a donor. Not all men produce samples suitable for donation.

Will I remain anonymous?

Donors have to give their consent to identifying information being given to their donor created offspring when they reach 18 (if this information is requested). A donor has no legal or parental rights over children born as a result of his donation.

How often will I have to donate?

You will be expected to make up to 20 visits to the clinic. Donors usually attend once a week, although this can be flexible. As a sperm donor you can receive compensation of up to £35 per clinic visit, to reasonably cover any financial losses incurred in connection with the donation, with the provision to claim an excess to cover higher expenses (such as for travel, accommodation or childcare).

Why should I donate at Nuffield Health?

We have a successful, established sperm donor bank. Our facilities are modern and private. We offer appointments outside of normal working hours. We are licensed by the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) – donating through a licensed clinic ensures everyone involved in the donation is clear about their legal position and is protected by law. (Please refer to for further details).

Note: This treatment does not qualify for the Price Promise below.

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