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What is the LINX™ procedure?

The LINX™ procedure is an operation to prevent symptoms of acid reflux. It involves placing a small, flexible band of interlinked titanium beads with magnetic cores, which is placed around the oesophagus just above the stomach.

What happens during the LINX™ procedure?

The operation will be performed under general anaesthetic and usually takes less than an hour.

Your surgeon will make a small cut on or near your belly button so that they can inflate your abdominal cavity with carbon dioxide. They will make several small cuts on your abdomen, through which they will insert a telescope and surgical instruments to perform the operation.

Your surgeon will assess the size of your oesophagus and choose the correct LINX device for you. The magnetic ring of beads will be place around the bottom of the oesophagus and the magnet is locked in place.

Your surgeon will remove the instruments and close the cuts.

Recovery from a LINX™ procedure

After the operation you will be transferred to the recovery area before heading back to the ward.

You will be given anti-sickness medication. You should start on soft foods on the day of surgery before returning to your normal diet the day after surgery.

You may be able to go home the same day, although your surgeon may recommend you stay in hospital for a little longer.

Continuing your recovery at home

You should be able to return to work after a few weeks.

You should avoid manual work and heavy lifting for a few weeks.

Check with your healthcare team before returning to exercise.

You should not drive until you can control your vehicle, including in an emergency. You should check with your insurance policy and healthcare team before driving after your operation.

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