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What happens during ICSI?

Your treatment will follow that of IVF with one difference. On the day of egg collection using the sperm sample from your partner or sperm donor our embryology team will carefully inject a single sperm into each mature egg. 

Are there any risks to eggs during ICSI?

Eggs can be damaged during this procedure. Approximately 10% of eggs are lost during ICS, however we expect that 60-70% of eggs will fertilise.

What are the risks of ICSI treatment?

Experts are still learning about this process and potential complications. Some studies suggest children conceived by ICSI may have an increased incidence of abnormality. However recent research show this may be linked to an inherent factor related to sperm production rather than the ICSI process itself.  In addition, men who have no or very few sperm in their semen may have a higher rate (15%) of sex chromosome abnormalities.

Support through fertility treatment

Each person has a unique reaction to fertility treatment and their journey. It can be an emotional roller coaster and you may have feelings that range from disappointment and frustration to hope and excitement. It’s understandable but these feelings can be unpredictable and upsetting, and can cause tension in relationships. We are here to support you throughout your journey. Our team are trained and experienced in providing emotional support and we have specialist fertility counsellors who can work with you.

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Ashley Hyde, Embryologist at Nuffield Health

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