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Please be aware that this will be a provisional date. In order to select the best single embryo to transfer our embryologist will recommend longer culture time (5-6 days after egg collection).

What happens during embryo transfer?

On the day of your transfer appointment report directly to the fertility unit. We understand this can be an anxious time. Embryo transfer is usually a simple and painless procedure and takes 5-10 minutes. No anaesthetic or sedation is required.

You do not need to have a full bladder. Your partner is welcome to sit with you during the transfer.

A nurse will escort you to the treatment room and ask you to prepare as you would if you were having a cervical smear. We will ask you to confirm your full name and date of birth. We have a rigorous witnessing procedure that ensures that each stage of movement or use of egg, sperm or embryo(s) is witnessed by two members of staff.

Our embryologist will tell you about the development and quality of your embryo(s) and the final decision will be made about the best number of embryos to transfer.

The chance of any embryo implanting is dependent on a variety of factors including age, quality of embryos and any other relevant history (i.e. previous pregnancy). When making this decision we are balancing the chance of a pregnancy with the risks of a multiple pregnancy.

We will also discuss any possible embryo storage with you.

After embryo transfer

After your transfer you will meet with a nurse to discuss your next steps. If you have any concerns about activity levels or your medication in this next phase of your treatment be sure and discuss this in your meeting.

The nurse will advise you when to do your pregnancy test (16 days after egg transfer) and give you a test kit. Please do not use commercial pregnancy tests as these are not as accurate and can be misleading. You will need to call us with the result on the day of your test. If your result is positive we will confirm what medication you should continue taking and arrange a pregnancy scan.

Our team approach to your treatment

Fertility treatment can be an emotional roller coaster. Before we start any treatment we will make sure that all the risks and side effects are fully discussed and all consent forms are signed and fully understood.

Our nursing team is largely responsible for your day-to-day care during throughout your treatment. We happy to answer your questions and to support any concerns you may have.

Note: This treatment does not qualify for the Price Promise below.

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