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At Nuffield Health, our Physiotherapists aim to treat both your pain and its cause, helping to both improve your life in the short term and prevent long-term problems. As seven out of 10 of our patients get better in five treatments or less, we can promise to never under or over treat you.

Nuffield Health Physiotherapists offer a variety of treatments for a wide range of pains and injuries*. Every patient is assessed and treated as an individual, so specific treatments will vary from person to person. Explore some of the treatments available using the categories below, or find and get in touch with your nearest Nuffield Health Physiotherapist to see what we can do for you.

*Treatments are available at selected Nuffield Health sites. Please check with your local hospital or gym before booking.

Woman with neck pain

Managing pain with exercise

Our natural response to musculoskeletal pain is to do as little as possible. But what if that pain is persistent? Regional Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, Adam Bellis, explains how exercise can help manage pain and get you on the path to recovery.

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5 signs you may need physiotherapy

Physiotherapy isn’t a treatment reserved for elite athletes, or even for those recovering from an injury. In fact it can be used to improve your health in many surprising ways. Paul Kennedy highlights five signs that you may need physiotherapy.

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