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Pilates is designed to target the deep postural muscles of the spine. It’s a unique form of exercise focused on correcting your quality of movement, core stability and posture.

The instructors at Parkside Hospital practise Modified Pilates which is a technique developed by Physiotherapists for use in rehabilitation. It combines traditional exercises with recent research into muscle physiology, muscle function and local and global control. The resulting programme is safe and clinically effective for patients who need physical rehabilitation. All of our Instructors are Chartered Physiotherapists who have been trained by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI).

Who is Pilates for?

Pilates is a suitable treatment at all ages and fitness levels, and could particularly benefit people with:

  • Back or neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Sports injuries
  • Post-surgical complications (including those associated with cancer treatment)
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stress-related illnesses
  • Respiratory conditions

When you visit Parkside Hospital for Physiotherapy, you can choose to take part in one-to-one Pilates sessions or in small group classes. We’ll assess you before the class, introducing you to the principles of Pilates and helping you set some personal goals.

We run beginner and intermediate level classes as well as specific antenatal classes and classes for cancer patients. A full course consists of an hourly session every week for six weeks, and you’ll need to book in advance with a deposit to confirm your place. Everyone starts with the beginner class and we aim to give you a full understanding of the basics by the end of the course. You can then either move up to the intermediate class or safely continue with Pilates on your own.

We also offer one-to-one Pilates sessions for £78 per hour or two-to-one for £104 per hour.