"I have been working with Andrew at Nuffield Physiotherapy for many years now. He has seen me through 5 knee surgeries (correcting a bad outcome as opposed to me being a glutton for punishment). Many tears and frustrations later, he is now helping me work towards normal sporting activities and goals again. He’s one of my health heroes. As a chiropractor, I have also referred quite a few of my clients to Andrew and the team at Nuffield Newcastle. They care, are great practitioners, and give great support." 

Estelle Zauner Maughan

59 year old Joan had back surgery 27 years ago. Since this time she had suffered episodes of severe back pain at least twice a year, making regular visits to her GP for help. Her activities of daily living were limited as the fear of back pain was always in her mind. That was until she discovered the benefits of Pilates. After attending weekly Pilates classes at Newcastle Nuffield, under the watchful eye of the physiotherapists, her life has changed. She has had no back pain now for 2 years and is living a full life.

“Pilates has made an unbelievable difference to my life. I am now aware of my posture and have confidence in my back. It has become a way of life for me. I came to that first session 2 years ago and was frightened to move. I can’t believe what I can do now!” declared Joan.

"Leading up to an operation for a cervical disc protrusion I attended the Nuffield Hospital in Newcastle, the consultant I saw was fantastic, as was the MRI staff. Following this operation, I started attending for physio therapy. In my initial appointment with Andrew Swinburn, he carried out a comprehensive assessment of my mobility and gave me some physio therapy as well as set out some exercises for me to carry out at home. I must say at that time I was very scared and unconfident and his explanation, positivity and encouragement -I guess his experience, reassured me that I was in the right hands and he would help me get into a better physical state which also greatly helped my mental state. Each time I have visited the hospital I have found the staff, from the front door Reception to the Physio Department, very professional and friendly. The hospital always feels welcoming, clean, calm and comfortable to visit.

Since then, I periodically see Andrew for physio therapy to help to keep my spine in the best possible shape, as well as for treatment for old injuries. This is an integral part of my fitness and I want to thank Andrew for his foresight, mindfulness and encouragement." 

Natalie Carr