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While it may seem like you are making less of a fuss by opting to just 'grin and bear it'  many studies have shown that the earlier people seek treatment for musculoskeletal (bones, muscles, joints) issues the less likely they are to end up with chronic pain or long-term problems. Similarly, many of those that are living with pain are finding themselves dependent on over-the-counter pain medication; one in five people use painkillers every day and over a quarter have been taking them consistently for more than five years.

It's never too late to seek help for pain or injury. We wanted to share some stories from some of our amazing physiotherapy patients who sought our help after surgery or injury. All of them had goals to get fit and well again and back to doing the things they love and with our help (and their determination!) they have achieved some incredible things.

Gemma's Story

Gemma is a Latin dancer who came to us for physiotherapy after having surgery on a shoulder injury. The physiotherapy quickly helped her get back to feeling herself but she still didn't feel totally comfortable while dancing. Her Nuffield Health physiotherapist recommended she do a course of Clinical Pilates with us and this was the extra bit of care she needed to get her back in her dancing shoes. 

Ally's Story

Ally is a rugby player who had been told his knee would likely never be fully fit for sports. He came to us for physiotherapy after knee surgery and was treated by one of our expert sports injury physiotherapists. He got in touch not long afterwards to share his amazing story with us; watch his story to find out the incredible accomplishment his treatment helped him to achieve. 

Priya's Story

Priya had been suffering back pain for almost seven years, a pain that started following the birth of her son. The pain got so bad that she struggled to walk or even stand. She was nervous to attend physio as she had assumed the treatment would be really painfully but her husband encouraged her to come to Nuffield Health. After just five sessions and an exercise prescription designed just for her, she is fully fit and pain-free, able to enjoy family life once more.