"I didn’t attend a clinic but had my treatment through remote channels. The service has been amazing, it has truly helped me and I’m very grateful for their time and knowledge."

"My own experience of remote therapy with Nuffield tells me that the service is perfect."

"Relationship with Nuffield Health was to me very easy and I am quite happy about that. The therapist was nice, professional and I could really enjoy the sessions and appreciated her support. She was always nice, supportive, effective – really great! Easy and quick to set up the remote sessions and really beneficial."

"My therapist was incredibly personable and professional throughout the treatment process. She showed such skill and insight and went beyond her call of duty to provide several practical resources to supplement the sessions as a follow-up. It was clear that she was entirely committed to her role and used the available time to maximum effect. I do not think she could have done anything more in the time allotted. I thought she was a great asset to the company."

"The therapist was great in giving me effective tools – she explained them, used them with me and encouraged me to use them in everyday life. The support was first class. I felt like a broken man on our first meeting and left feeling well balanced."

"The therapist related well to employees’ problems and offered solutions to help people cope with their difficulties."

"The therapist was so helpful and supportive. She helped me to get a handle on what was happening and gave me the tools to deal with the issues I was experiencing. She was very professional but also showed amazing empathy, care and genuine concern for me. I could not have achieved what I have and be in such a better place without her help. I am truly grateful to her!"

"The therapy I received was remote – but was fantastic and has changed my life and given me the skills that I can now use moving forward."

"I think my therapist was so helpful, understanding and accommodated my issues with effectiveness. I feel so much better now and prepared to deal with any mental challenges that I have to face in the future."

"My therapist put me at ease and explained the techniques very well. She is a lovely person, very friendly and helped me a great deal."

"I would like to say thanks to my therapist. She was very knowledgeable in the field of mental health, and also had an excellent temperament for this profession. I feel lucky to have had her for the last eight sessions. She helped me regain belief in myself which is difficult when the world I live in is always trying to knock me down. Thanks again."

"My therapist was very professional throughout and I felt I could confide in her immediately. I felt at ease and we worked together well in order to align my mental health. Truly took me out of a difficult situation and I am very grateful."

"My therapist had a very calming manner. She guided me through a very difficult time in my life. She was supportive, professional never judged me and became the perfect support for my problems. It was a big challenge to open up to her, but I ended up being able to trust her and open up completely. I do not think I could relate to anyone else as well as I did with my therapist. She is an asset to Nuffield and to me, worth her weight in gold!"