"Great course and great presenters. Really relaxed and open environment to learn and discuss these topics."

"Thank you. You have made a difference in my life personally; I am so very grateful."

"Extremely knowledgeable trainers giving great insight."

"I am amazed by how much I have enjoyed this new method of learning and the course had been really useful and well-presented. Thanks so much."

"I can’t sing the trainer’s praises enough. She’s clearly very passionate about her work and demonstrates it within her knowledge throughout the session."

"Great course, thank you loads gained out of this."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training with Nuffield Health. The trainer was very engaging, and I have learnt a lot which I will implement in my role moving forward."

"The presenters were excellent, and I really enjoyed how interactive they made the course. They were very inclusive and made everyone feel their input was valued."

"Another great workshop – thank you! It was a very rewarding discussion, particularly thanks to how open people were when sharing their thoughts and experiences. Credit to trainers for creating an environment in which we felt comfortable to do that."

"It’s been the one course where I have actually come away with REAL and explained paths to get support – not just theory. Maybe produce a template for people to create their own mental health support pack with useful links, numbers, notes and reminder guidelines."

"Amazing training. Would love some more like it or maybe some more support in helping my colleagues from my managers."

"It was exceptionally good. Certainly the best distance learning training I’ve had; subject matter, IT tools and presenters."

"Great session, knowledgeable presenters and very well-articulated."

"Training was amazing, very clear and very easy to follow."

"Was very good and engaging. The app for answering questions was brilliant. Thanks."

"Brilliant trainer. Engaging, knowledgeable and clear. A credit to Nuffield."

"Really good session, very detailed and a wonderful introduction to the world of mental health."

"As always, the workshop was super! Like with the Mindfulness training a few weeks back, I’ve been so impressed by how you have managed to make something so sensitive work so well online. The discussion was brilliant and felt a really safe space. I know lots of my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed it too. Thank you so much!"