In the first few hours after surgery, it is often necessary for bedroom doors on the ward to be left ajar. However, further into your recovery if you would prefer your door to be kept shut please advise your nurse.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the fire safety information in the section entitled 'Your Safety'. Should the fire alarm sound you are advised to remain in your room and a member of staff will keep you informed of the situation.

Patients and visitors are reminded that we have a no smoking policy and smoking is not permitted in the building or in the hospital grounds.

Weekly Fire Alarm Test

Tuesday at 9am, the alarm will sound briefly- you do not need to do anything. Should the fire alarm sound at any other time, please follow the fire safety instructions.

You may also hear the cardiac arrest alarm test.

Nurse Aid Call System

You should be shown how to use your Nurse Aid Call system. If not please ask a staff member.


A television with an integrated radio is provided in your room with our compliments and is controlled by the remote handset- please ask a member of staff to show you how this works.

We ask you to please be considerate towards other patients by keeping the volume at an acceptable level.


The telephone in your room is available for your use. For an outside line please dial (9), followed by the number that you require. Calls will be invoiced to you at the current rates, which can be obtained from reception on request.

You may use your mobile telephone in your bedroom, however please do not use your mobile telephone in the corridors or waiting areas.

Incoming calls can be put through to your room via reception. Please note that during the immediate post­ operative period we will divert your calls to the nurses' station so that you are not disturbed. If you would like your calls diverted at any other time, please tell your nurse or dial 0 and speak to the receptionist.

If you do not wish it to be known that you are in the hospital, please inform reception

Free Wireless Internet

Free wireless internet is available for all patients. Please ask one of our maintenance technicians to check any electrical equipment you bring into the hospital for safety before use


Our housekeeping team takes pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the hospital.

Your room will have been thoroughly prepared prior to your admission. In order to help make your stay as comfortable as possible the team will visit you daily to clean your room and bathroom, change your towels and empty your bins. They will do all this with the minimum amount of inconvenience to you.


Please do not keep large amounts of money, jewellery or valuables in your room. Simply speak to your nurse who will deposit them in the hospital safe and issue you with a receipt. The hospital cannot accept liability for the loss of personal effects unless they are deposited in the hospital safe

Room Temperature Controls

Your radiator may be controlled by a thermostat, with which you can easily adjust the temperature in your room as you please. Alternatively, please ask your nurse who will be happy to adjust your radiator or open your windows for you.

Personal Electrical Equipment

If you bring your own electrical equipment (such as a hairdryer or DVD player) please tell your nurse so that our maintenance technician can check it for electrical safety. Your nurse will be happy to arrange for you to borrow a hairdryer should you require one.

We provide the following services to ensure your stay with us is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Complimentary Newspapers

Enjoy your favourite daily newspaper delivered to your room with our compliments. If you require any additional newspapers or magazines we will be happy to have them delivered to your room and charged to your account as an 'extra' item.

Mail, Messages and Flowers

If you would like to have mail delivered during your stay with us, it should be addressed to you by name at:

Nuffield Health Woking Hospital, Shores Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 4BY

Messages and flowers can be left in reception and will be brought to your room as soon as they are received. Mail arriving after you have left the hospital will be forwarded to your home address unless otherwise advised. Stamps can be bought from the hospital if required. Reception staff will be happy to post your outgoing mail.

Translation Services

Should you or your family require the services of an interpreter we will be happy to help you. Please ask your nurse.

Accessible Information

Our literature can be made available in braille or large high contrast print. Alternatively we may be able to provide you with an electronic or audio version.

Clergy and Faith Leader Visits

We are able to arrange visits from most religious denominations should you wish. Please advise your nurse of your requirements.