As part of our diagnostic services, we offer early pregnancy scanning for the care of pregnant women.

An early pregnancy scan (also called a viability or dating scan) will confirm a pregnancy and establish an estimated due date. This scan is available to women who have a specific concern about their pregnancy, for example, pain, bleeding, unsure of dates or previous pregnancy complications, and does not necessarily require a referral letter from your GP.

Your scan

The scan is performed transabdominally and transvaginally where appropriate. A full bladder is needed for the transabdominal scan.

You are welcome to bring your partner, friend or member of your family with you. Report printouts will be sent to your GP and obstetrician afterwards.

The results

An early pregnancy scan can confirm:

  • How many fetuses are present
  • The presence of internal bleeding
  • The presence of a heartbeat
  • The number of weeks of pregnancy