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If you are considering paying for your treatment, we are here to help you make an informed decision. The hospital fees for a selection of inpatient procedures are listed below.

The consultant who performs your procedure sets their fees separately. To find out more about this, or for treatments not listed below, please get in touch with our dedicated Self-Pay Team (available 9 am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday): 0208 137 8432

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What is included in the hospital fee (if required)?

  • Any length of stay deemed clinically appropriate 
  • Standard prosthesis 
  • Imaging (like X-rays) during admission, and after the operation (if as a direct result of the original surgery) 
  • Histology (tissue study) 
  • Blood tests 
  • Other diagnostic tests 
  • Standard kit and equipment, including mobility aids 
  • Outpatient wound dressings 
  • Medication, including at discharge and follow-up outpatients 
  • Both inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy 
  • Re-admission and treatment (if as a direct result of the original surgery)

What is not included in the hospital fee (if required)?

  • Consultant outpatient appointments 
  • Surgeon and anaesthetist fees 
  • Stay in a high-dependency unit 
  • Non-standard prosthesis, dressings, kit, or specialist mobility aids 
  • Hydrotherapy

Treatment prices


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
A5743 Medial branch block injection(s) +/- image guidance (including bilateral) CERVICAL £2,000

Cosmetics and reconstruction

Code Treatment description Hospital fee
B3018 Revision reconstruction of breast using fat transfer £2,760
B3032 Removal of prosthesis from breast (including capsulectomy) £3,230
B3033 Simple removal of prosthesis from breast £3,870
B3100 Reduction mammoplasty - unilateral £2,760
B3110 Reduction mammoplasty - bilateral (greater than 500g each breast) £4,450
B3123 Breast Augmentation & Mastoplexy (selfpay) £5,390
B3130 Unilateral mastopexy (following reconstruction) £3,730
B3132 Bilateral mastopexy (following reconstruction) £3,840
C0513 Reconstruction of socket with either implant or graft £3,850
C1341 Blepharoplasty - three or four eyelids £2,150
COS010 Gynaecomastia £3,820
COS08 Face Lift Mini £3,560
CS006 Arm lift £2,850
CS010 Face Lift £2,310
CS020 Liposuction 3 areas £2,970
CS022 Liposuction 2 areas £2,650
CS057 Breast Augmentation Bilateral including Fat transfer £4,830
D0330 Pinnaplasty (including bilateral) £2,000
GEN200 Chest Reconstructive Surgery Grs Female to Male £4,880
L7511 Excision of arteriovenous malformation from peripheral vessel £2,420
S0602 Primary excision of malignant lesion - Head & Neck £1,630
S0653 Removal of benign lesion (including lipoma) in muscle or deeper tissue £1,600
S0656 Excision of Lipoma £900
S0820 Curettage/cryotherapy of lesions of skin (including cauterisation) - four or more £2,140
S2500 Local flap - less than 9cm2 £2,500
S3500 Split autograft of skin, trunk and limbs - up to 25cm2 £1,550
S3624 Full thickness graft, head, neck, hands & genitalia - up to 9cm2 in area £2,570
S5524 Burn excision (wound/scar) trunk & limbs (not more than 2% of body area) £1,600
S5710 Debridement of wound (and surgical toilet) - up to 25cm2 in area £1,280
S6040 Scar revision up to 5cm – head & neck £1,600
S6041 Scar revision up to 5cm – trunk & limbs £1,600
S6043 Scar revision over 5cm – trunk & limbs £2,120
T5222 Dupuytren's dermofasciectomy and graft, or for recurrent disease - single digit £1,800
T6910 Tenolysis, of extensor (not otherwise specified) £4,240
V0510 Excision of lesion of cranium £3,850

Ear, nose and throat

Code Treatment description Hospital fee
D1420 Myringoplasty £2,220
D1510 Myringotomy and insertion of tube through tympanic membrane (and bilateral) £1,120
D1610 Ossiculoplasty £3,480
D2240 Balloon dilatation of the eustachian tube £4,190
E0230 Septorhinoplasty +/- graft/implant following trauma or excision of tumour (including attention to turbinates) £3,290
E0360 Septoplasty of nose (including attention to turbinates) £2,430
E1360 Endoscopic balloon dilation frontal sinuplasty £3,210
E1432 FESS: excision uncinate process and anterior ethmoid bulla, antrostomy/antral puncture, simple polypectomy and attention to turbinates (bilateral) £3,790
E2010 Adenoidectomy £1,280
E3520 Microlaryngoscopy/laryngoscopy +/- endoscopic excision of lesion of larynx £2,190
F3400 Tonsillectomy - child (and bilateral) £2,650
F4400 Tonsillectomy - adult (and bilateral) £2,650
F3480 Adenotonsillectomy (and bilateral) £2,540
W2620 Manipulation under anaesthesia of fractured nose (as sole procedure) £1,030


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
H2002 Diagnostic colonoscopy, includes forceps biopsy of colon and ileum £1,580
G6500 Diagnostic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) includes forceps biopsy, biopsy urease test and dye spray £1,270
G8082 Diagnostic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) and immediate colonoscopy includes forceps biopsies, biopsy test and dye spray (as sole procedure) £2,130
H2502 Diagnostic flexible sigmoidoscopy (including forceps biopsy and proctoscopy) £1,580
H2003 Therapeutic colonoscopy with snare loop biopsy or excision of lesion £2,230
G8080 Capsule endoscopy (including interpretation and evaluation) £2,060

General medicine

Code Treatment description Hospital fee
XR120 CT/MRI guided biopsy(ies) £1,930

General surgery

Code Treatment description Hospital fee
B2780 Simple mastectomy (including axillary node biopsy) - unilateral £6,860
B2800 Excision of breast lump/fibroadenoma £2,570
B2820 Wide local excision of breast +/- local mobilisation of glandular breast tissue to fill surgical cavity £3,850
B2918 Mastectomy unilateral £12,870
B2986 Reconstruction of breast using deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP) (including delayed reconstruction) £15,440
B3020 Fat transfer, (as sole procedure, including extraction and transfer for volume adjustment following mastectomy and reconstruction) £3,140
B3121 Augmentation mammoplasty - bilateral £3,730
B3594 Plastic procedures on nipple £1,930
G2331 Laparoscopic repair of hiatus hernia with anti-reflux procedure (e.g. fundoplication) £4,780
G3070 Sleeve gastrectomy (including laparoscopic) £7,000
G3090 Gastric bypass eg. Roux en Y for morbid obesity (including laparoscopic) £7,950
G3100 Laparoscopic biliary gastric bypass £7,950
G3870 Laparoscopic removal of gastric band £3,820
G4430 Therapeutic oesophago-gastro-duodenoscopy (OGD) with dilatation £1,280
H0280 Laparoscopic appendicectomy £4,490
H5100 Haemorrhoidectomy (including sigmoidoscopy) £3,500
H5640 Excision of anal fissure £1,410
J0900 Diagnostic laparoscopy (including any biopsy) £3,850
J1880 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy with peri-operative cholangiogram £6,480
L7032 Haemorrhoidal artery ligation operation (including image-guided) +/- recto anal prolapse repair £1,550
L8510 Ligation/stripping of long or short saphenous vein (including local excision/multiple phlebectomy) £2,410
L8515 Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of more than one venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - bilateral £2,890
L8520 Ligation/stripping of long or short saphenous vein (including local excision/multiple phlebectomy) - bilateral £2,830
L8540 Radiofrequency ablation of more than one venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - unilateral £2,490
L8541 Radiofrequency ablation of more than one venous trunk +/- phlebectomies - bilateral £3,020
L8780 Ligation/stripping of long and short saphenous veins (including local excision/multiple phlebectomy) - bilateral £3,080
S0632 Excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue - up to three, Head & Neck (excluding lipoma) £910
S0633 Excision of lesion of skin or subcutaneous tissue - up to three, Trunk & Limbs £910
T2000 Primary repair of inguinal hernia £2,650
T2002 Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia - unilateral £3,200
T2012 Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia - bilateral £3,710
T2102 Laparoscopic repair of recurrent inguinal hernia - unilateral £2,450
T2400 Repair of umbilical hernia (irrespective of age) £2,780
T2500 Primary repair of incisional hernia not requiring mesh £2,830
T2780 Component Separation Technique (CST) repair of recurrent incisional abdominal hernia +/- mesh £5,010
T8520 Block dissection of axillary lymph nodes (axillary clearance) levels 1 to 3 £6,430
X3750 Botulinus toxin injections to muscle £1,280


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
M5630 Therapeutic injection into bladder neck for treatment of stress incontinence (peri-urethral bulking agents) (including cystoscopy) £3,540
P2230 Posterior colporrhaphy £3,930
P2310 Anterior +/- posterior colporrhaphy (including primary repair of enterocele) (including cystoscopy) £6,810
P2380 Anterior (+/- posterior) colporrhaphy with vaginal hysterectomy (including primary repair of enterocele and cystoscopy) £6,890
Q0330 Cone biopsy of cervix uteri and/or (+/- laser, colposcopy or polypectomy) £2,310
Q0740 Total abdominal hysterectomy (+/- oophorectomy) +/- ureterolysis £7,650
Q0920 Myomectomy (including laparoscopically) +/- ureterolysis £6,410
Q1700 Therapeutic hysteroscopic operations on uterus (including endometrial ablation excluding microwave or radiofrequency ablation) £3,170
Q1701 Laparoscopic excision of endometriosis, +/-ureterolysis £5,140
Q1800 Hysteroscopy (including biopsy, dilatation, curettage and resection of polyp(s) +/- Mirena coil insertion) £2,280
Q1802 Hysteroscopy with resection of fibroids £2,370
Q2230 Oophorectomy and salpingectomy, +/- biopsy eg. omentum, peritoneum, lymph node (as sole procedure) (including bilateral) £5,140
Q3800 Laparoscopy and therapeutic procedures (including laser, diathermy and destruction e.g. endometriosis, adhesiolysis, tubal and ovarian surgery, +/-ureterolysis) £3,960
Q4400 Ovarian cystectomy +/- omental biopsy (as sole procedure and including bilateral) £5,140


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
W3650 Diagnostic aspiration and trephine biopsy of bone marrow, including analysis £3,210


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
A1240 Creation of ventriculoperitoneal shunt £5,790
A5775 Facet Joint Injection(s) +- Image Guidance (Uni or Bilat) Lumbar £2,410
V0110 Reconstructive cranioplasty £5,830
V2200 Posterior decompression +/- foraminotomy (cervical region) £5,090
V2201 Posterior decompression +/- foraminotomy - cervical region (3 or more levels) £6,910
V2540 Posterior excision of disc prolapse (including microdiscectomy +/- decompression) (lumbar region) £4,770
V2542 Posterior excision of disc prolapse with undercutting facetectomy +/- decompression (lumbar region) £5,830
V2543 Revision of posterior excision of disc prolapse with undercutting facetectomy +/- decompression (lumbar region) £5,140
V2560 Decompression for central spinal stenosis (1 or 2 levels) £5,830
V2562 Decompression for central spinal stenosis (3 or more levels) £9,950
V2660 Revision of decompression for central spinal stenosis £5,980
V2950 Anterior discectomy, decompression and fusion (including bone grafting / multiple levels) (cervical region) £11,870
V3362 Primary posterior fusion with instrumentation +/- decompression +/- discectomy (including graf stabilisation and all fusion approaches) (lumbar region) £17,490


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
C7122 Phakoemulsification of cataract, with lens implant - unilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic) £1,890
C7125 Phakoemulsification of cataracts, with lens implant - bilateral (including topical or local anaesthetic) £3,520
C3530 Surgical correction of squint with adjustable sutures £1,930
C2542 Dacryocystorhinostomy (endoscopic/laser assisted) (including insertion and later removal of tube) £4,240
C6120 Trabecular stent bypass microsurgery for open-angle glaucoma (including topical or local anaesthetic) £4,030
C1512 Correction of lower lid ectropion without graft/flap £1,600
C1810 Correction of ptosis of eyelid - simple (including tarsomullerectomy) £2,060
C3112 Surgical correction of squint - horizontal 1 muscle £1,930
C3113 Surgical correction of squint - horizontal 2 muscles (in one eye, or one muscle in each of two eyes) £2,650
C7520 Lens implant/exchange £3,060
C1110 Excision of lesion of canthus £1,410
C1320 Blepharoplasty - one eyelid £1,460
C1812 Correction of ptosis of eyelid - complex £3,180

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

Code Treatment description Hospital fee
F0200 Excision of lesion of lip £1,310
F0910 Surgical removal of impacted/buried tooth/teeth £1,800
F0950 Surgical removal of complicated buried roots £1,200
F1450 Exposure of buried tooth £2,100
F1810 Enucleation of cyst of jaw £2,190
F2310 Excision/destruction of lesion of tongue £1,800
F2620 Frenotomy /frenectomy of tongue £1,280
F2810 Excision/destruction of lesion of palate £2,570
F3810 Excision/destruction of lesion of mouth £1,800
F4210 Biopsy of lesion of mouth £1,700
F4410 Total excision of parotid gland and preservation of facial nerve £2,570
V1040 Osteotomy of maxilla ( bilateral) £3,700
V1440 Excision of lesion of jaw £2,060
V1622 Backward/forward sliding mandibular osteotomy £3,180
V1930 Alveolar bone graft - unilateral £1,930
W0960 Excision of benign tumour of bone with bone grafting £3,850
W3100 Bone graft (except where part of another procedure) £3,210

Pain management

Code Treatment description Hospital fee
A5790 Sacroiliac joint injection under image guidance (and bilateral) £1,800
A7352 Image-guided local anaesthetic blockade of named major nerve or plexus £1,330
A5772 Medial Branch Block (under x-ray control) - 5 to 6 levels £1,330


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
L9180 Insertion of implantable central venous port (portacath) e.g Port-a-Cath under image guidance £3,210


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
X3590 Intravenous infusion (as sole procedure) £1,280

Trauma and Orthopaedics

Code Treatment description Hospital fee
A5210 Epidural injection (lumbar) £1,220
A5211 Epidural injection (caudal) £1,330
A5745 Medial branch block injection(s) +/- image guidance (including bilateral) LUMBAR £1,800
A5755 Nerve Root Block +/- Image Guidance (including Bilateral) LUMBAR £1,870
A6510 Carpal tunnel release (open) £1,430
A6580 Carpal tunnel release (open) - bilateral £1,570
A6600 Release of entrapment of deeply placed peripheral nerve £1,660
A6710 Cubital tunnel release (open) (without transposition) £1,550
A6810 Neurolysis and transposition of peripheral nerve (excludes carpal tunnel release) £1,550
T5203 Dupuytren's fasciectomy single digit with proximal interphalangeal joint £1,910
T5210 Dupuytren's fasciectomy multiple digits with proximal interphalangeal joints £2,310
T5900 Excision of ganglion £1,910
T6450 Tenodesis of biceps tendon (as sole procedure) £3,540
T6810 Secondary repair of Achilles tendon £2,460
T7231 Open release of constriction of sheath of tendon (e.g. trigger finger) £1,540
T7915 Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair greater than 2cm (as sole procedure) £5,500
V2570 Percutaneous vertebroplasty £6,180
W0284 Total excision of trapezium and ligament reconstruction £2,830
W0300 Multiple procedures on forefoot, distal to and including the tarsometatarsal joints, which involves at least two distinct procedures not intrinsic to each other £6,360
W0321 Osteotomy/ies (eg Scarf and Akin) for Hallux Valgus correction with or without internal fixation and soft tissue correction £4,370
W0460 Complex procedure to mid foot or hindfoot without autogenous bone graft (osteotomy/fusion +/- tendon transfers) £6,190
W0462 Complex procedure to mid foot or hindfoot with autogenous bone graft (osteotomy/fusion +/- tendon transfers/fixation) £4,890
W0850 Partial excision of bone (including exostoses) £1,800
W0860 Metatarso-phalangeal cheilectomy - unilateral, as sole procedure £1,800
W1080 Osteotomy of long bone, +/- fixation (including graft) £5,790
W1590 Correction of retracted/dislocated metatarsophalangeal joint (including tendon transfer, division/realignment of bone and internal fixation) £2,570
W1920 Primary open reduction of long bone with fixation £4,490
W2100 Primary open reduction of intra-articular fracture of long bone with internal fixation, e.g. proximal humerus or proximal tibia (+/- arthroscopic assistance) £5,530
W2310 Secondary open reduction of fractured long bone-and intramedullary fixation or internal fixation for non-union/mal union - including intra-articular (including bone graft) £5,140
W2830 Removal of internal fixation from bone / joint, excluding K-wires £3,100
W3712 Primary total hip replacement +/- cement £13,200
W3713 Complex primary total hip replacement (including bone grafting or femoral osteotomy) £13,480
W3717 Minimally invasive hip replacement (one incision) £12,400
W3720 Robotic assisted total hip replacement £15,490
W3733 Revision of total hip replacement (including insertion of reconstruction rings, plates, screws, etc., and/or impaction bone grafting to acetabulum and/or femur) £12,220
W4210 Total prosthetic replacement of knee joint, +/- cement, +/- patella £13,510
W5050 Reverse polarity arthroplasty of shoulder £13,670
W5200 Unicompartmental knee replacement £12,790
W5201 Unicompartmental Knee Replacement - bilateral £16,790
W5820 Robotic assisted unicompartmental knee replacement £12,950
W5821 Robotic assisted unicompartmental knee replacement - bilateral £19,000
W5830 Robotic assisted total knee replacement £16,100
W5940 Fusion of interphalangeal joint(s) of toe (including internal fixation) £1,860
W6017 Ankle arthrodesis with internal fixation (arthroscopic) £3,210
W7420 Autograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (including arthroscopic and meniscectomy) £5,090
W7470 Revision of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction £5,790
W7480 Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (including arthroscopic) £3,350
W7492 Arthroscopic lateral release £1,710
W7580 Open surgical stabilisation of patella, including soft tissue/tendon transfer or release, +/- application of cast (adult) £3,210
W7714 Open or arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation procedure (including labral/SLAP repair) £3,600
W7718 Primary arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation procedure (including labral/SLAP/tendon repair) £3,540
W7872 Arthroscopic arthrolysis of shoulder contracture £3,850
W8194 Arthroscopic subacromial decompression and excision of distal clavicle (including arthroscopic procedures in glenohumeral joint) £2,970
W8200 Arthroscopic meniscectomy (including debridement) £2,770
W8500 Multiple arthroscopic operation on knee (including meniscectomy, chondroplasty, drilling or microfracture) £3,020
xW8602 Therapeutic arthroscopy of wrist joint (as sole procedure) £1,930
W8603 Therapeutic arthroscopy of shoulder (as sole procedure) £2,310
W9030 One or two injections, +/- aspiration, into joint(s), cyst, bursa or soft tissue, with image guidance £1,310
W9240 Examination/ manipulation of joint under general anaesthetic +/- injection (as sole procedure) £1,590


Code Treatment description Hospital fee
GEN100 Genital Reconstructive Surgery Grs Male to Female £14,630
M3820 Cystostomy and insertion of suprapubic tube into bladder (including cystoscopy) £2,290
M4210 Endoscopic resection of lesion of bladder (including cystoscopy) £3,850
M4510 Diagnostic endoscopic examination of bladder (cystoscopy) including any biopsy £1,350
M4514 Endoscopic examination of bladder (rigid cystoscopy) including any biopsy (insert of sup catheter & urethrogram) £1,220
M6192 Robot assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (including cystoscopy) £17,460
M6530 Endoscopic resection of prostate (TUR) (including cystoscopy) £6,260
M6583 Transperineal MRI – US fusion targeted prostate biopsy £5,280
M7940 Internal urethrotomy (including cystoscopy) £2,700
M8120 Meatoplasty £2,060
N0500 Bilateral excision of testes £2,500
N0630 Laparoscopic orchidectomy £2,830
N0680 Orchidectomy and excision of spermatic cord (+/- insertion of prosthesis) £2,570
N1100 Correction of hydrocele(s) – unilateral £1,930
N1101 Correction of hydrocele(s) – bilateral £2,890
N1710 Vasectomy (bilateral ligation of Vas Deferens) £800
N1810 Reversal Of Vasectomy £2,200
N3030 Circumcision £2,020
P0550 Excision of excess labial tissue £1,850
P2932 Examination of vagina under anaesthetic (as sole procedure) £1,280
S2503 Local flap - 9cm2 or more (including graft/flap to secondary defect) £2,630

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