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Our audiologists specialise in:

  • Hearing loss assessment
  • Advanced hearing aids and accessories
  • Full personalised hearing care packages
  • Ear protection/ear plugs
  • In-ear-monitors

Audiology services provided:

  • Pure tone audiometry (comprehensive hearing test)
  • Tympanometry (middle ear analysis)
  • Ear protection
  • Swim moulds
  • In-ear monitors

What happens during the hearing test?

The appointment is 30 minutes but the hearing test takes 10-20 minutes depending on age and hearing loss. Initially, questions regarding reasons for attending and previous medical history will be asked. The test takes place within a sound-treated booth. Sounds of varying intensities and pitches will be played through headphones and you will be asked to press a button when you hear the sound. The aim is to identify the quietest sounds that can be heard.

Our consultants

Dr Borka Ceranic

MD, ENTspec, PhD, FRCP

Specialty Audiological Medicine, Audiovestibular Medicine