Please note, until further notice, only our pharmacy in the Main Building will be open.

Opening times:
Monday – Friday 08:30- 18:00

Please contact the Pharmacy team on 020 8971 8000 for further information.

On admission for treatment or surgery

On or prior to your admission, you will be asked about any prescription medicines (the name, strength and prescription dose) that you may already be taking and any non prescription or complementary medicines that you may have bought ‘over the counter’. You will also be asked about any allergic reactions or serious side effects that you have experienced.

All medicines (including inhalers, eye drops, patches and ointments) should be brought into the Hospital in their original containers. Prescription medicines should be labelled with your name, dosage instructions and the expiry date. Whilst an inpatient, these medicines will be kept in a locked cabinet in your room so that they are readily available to you on discharge. The Hospital is not responsible for supplementing these prescription medicines, so please liaise with your GP Surgery in the event that you require a repeat prescription.

Inpatient services

A Pharmacist will visit the ward every day and monitor your records, to make sure that prescribed doses and dosage times are correct and that there are no adverse side effects or drug interactions.

Your prescription chart (often referred to as a ‘drug chart’) will also be screened to make sure that doses and dosage times are appropriate for the treatment you’re receiving.

On discharge

If you have been prescribed any additional medicines during the course of your hospital stay, our Pharmacy will provide a sufficient supply for at least three days (or longer if you have been prescribed a specified course of treatment) after your discharge. Your GP will be happy to provide a further prescription if additional stocks are required beyond this period.

Outpatient services

Private prescriptions can be provided by your Consultant following the initial consultation and can be dispensed from the Pharmacy in the outpatient department. Please note that the Hospital is unable to dispense NHS prescription forms.

There is a charge for medications we provide. The final cost will depend on the type and quantity of your medication – please ask one of our Dispensers to calculate this. A minimum charge of £8.40 (accurate at the time of writing) applies to all prescriptions.

Please contact the Pharmacy on 020 8971 8000 for further information.