Private GP service in London

Struggling to get an appointment with your local GP? At Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, we are now offering convenient appointment times to fit around your working day.

We've launched our new private GP service

Whether you're seeking to discuss your concerns in detail or need a quick consultation, we're here to accommodate your needs. You can speak openly with your GP about whatever is on your mind.

Your Private GP may advise further tests, a prescription, or a specialist referral. They'll discuss options during your appointment.

Why choose private GP service?

Fast appointments
20+ Years of Experience
One Stop Shop
Pay As You Go


General Practice

Whether you're looking for care for yourself or your family, an alternative to the NHS, or require a one-off service such as a vacination or sexual health review, the Private GPs can help. 

  • GP Consultation (15 mins) - £70
  • GP Consultation (30 minutes) - £140

Sexual Health

Discreet and confidential prevention, sexually transmitted disease testing and teatment. Whether you're concerned about your sexual health or in need of emergency contraception fast. 

  • Sexual Health Consultation (15 minutes) - £70

Women's Health

We provide support for a range of women's issues, including menopause, fertility, menstrual cycles, breast care, pelvic pain disorders, and gynaelogical cancers including cervical or ovarian cancer. Our team of clinicians are here to help you, with a range of treatments, investigations, screenings and preventative treatment options to suit your needs. 

  • Women's Health Assessment Including Routine Smear Test (30 minutes) - £335
  • Menopause & HRT Assessment (30 minutes) - £165

Men's Health

We provide support for a range of men's health issues, including prostate checks and testosterone services with extended check ups. Our prostate appointments include a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, which is a blood test to help diagnose prostate problems. 

  • Men's Health Check with GP - (30 mins including PSA test and Testosterone blood test) - £305
  • Men's Health Check with GP - (30 mins including PSA test only) - £255
  • Men's Health Check with GP - (30 mins including Testosterone blood test only) - £215

Our Team

Dr Kamaldeep Manak - Dr Kam Manak is a London trained doctor passionate about providing quality care in all areas of general practice. She is keen to empower her patients to live happier and healthier by providing evidence based lifestyle interventions for; women’s health, men’s health, chronic disease management, managing stress, anxiety and depression. She has a special interest in women’s health.

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