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State-of-the-art private treatments for men's health conditions. From general urology concerns to prostate screening, we offer a wealth of services and advice for men of all ages. 

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Many conditions that affect men’s health happen gradually and can go unnoticed. Taking a proactive approach to your health can prevent and promote early detection of a wide range of conditions that could develop into more serious diseases.

Our team of experienced teaching hospital consultants treat a wide range of men’s health conditions from general urology concerns to prostate screening with rapid access to treatments in our newly opened state-of-the-art hospital. We pride ourselves on our experienced multidisciplinary teams including expert consultants, a matron-led nursing team and on-site physiotherapists.

At Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital our team have access to the very latest medical facilities and diagnostic equipment to ensure you receive first-class care. Thanks to our wider Nuffield Health network of professionals, we can provide you with pre-habilitation, emotional wellbeing support and a tailored rehabilitation program to facilitate a full, fast, and safe recovery.

Men’s health services at Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Some of the most common men’s health treatments we offer in London are:

  • Hernia repair
  • HoLEP
  • Vasectomy
  • Vasectomy reversal
  • Cystoscopy
  • Erectile dysfunction

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Cardiology services at Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

Our consultant cardiologists, supported by our physiology team, provide rapid access to investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of all forms of cardiovascular disease. Our interventional suite (catheter lab) uses cutting-edge imaging, allowing us to offer minimally invasive alternatives to surgical treatment, which can reduce recovery time and shorten hospital stays.

Our cardiology services include:

  • Cardiac diagnostics including electrocardiograms (ECGs), echocardiograms, cardiac CT and MRI scans and stress testing
  • Coronary angiograms and angioplasty
  • Cardiac ablation
  • Devices such as pacemakers, implantable defibrillators (ICDs) and re-synchronisation devices

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Pelvic Health Clinic and men’s health Physiotherapy at Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

A men’s health Physiotherapist will have the skills and knowledge (achieved through post-graduate study) to treat male bladder and bowel problems that may occur following surgery to remove the prostate gland (prostatectomy) or as a result of weakness of the pelvic floor muscles. They will assist and advise you on the best course of action for your symptoms following a thorough assessment.

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All of our specialists are experienced consultants giving you the reassurance you need that you are in the best possible hands. They are fully supported by our skilled and dedicated matron-led nursing team and on-site physiotherapists who will support you throughout your patient journey.

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Do you need support choosing your consultant? Let us help you. Contact us using the form below or the number at the top of the page and we will be able to advise you based on your specific needs.

How to book an appointment at Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

If you have any men’s health concerns, seeking advice or simply want to discuss your concerns with a specialist, please give us a call on 020 3386 9000 or fill out a contact form below and one of our experts will be in touch to guide you as soon as possible.

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