The sinus expert

Our specialist Sinus Clinic, here at our Guildford hospital, can treat sinus problems through a comprehensive assessment, management plan and first class treatment in a comfortable and convenient setting.

Mr San Sunkaraneni is a specialist Endoscopic Sinus Surgeon who spent a year in Vancouver, Canada, undergoing intensive training in the management of patients with sinus and skullbase disease, including tumours of these regions.

What do we treat at our Sinus Clinic

If you are suffering from nose and sinus problems come and see the experts at our Sinus Clinic. We treat:

  • Nasal obstruction (blocked nose)
  • Nasal discharge (runny nose)

  • Facial pain or headaches

  • Changes in the sense of smell and taste

  • Postnasal drip (catarrh)


Services provided include a full clinical assessment, including examination of the nasal and sinus passages with a fibre-optic endoscope. If required, blood tests will be carried out and radiological investigations arranged. Allergy testing can also be organised if needed. At the end of the consultation, an interim treatment plan will be initiated.

Once the investigations have been performed, a follow-up appointment will be arranged. The results will be explained in a clear, easy to understand manner. A definitive treatment plan will then be discussed and organised by Mr Sunkaraneni.

Our consultant

Mr San Sunkaraneni


Specialty ENT (Otolaryngology), Paediatrics

Get in touch with us today

For more information or to book an appointment please telephone Mr Sunkaraneni's secretary on 01483 555 833. Alternatively fill out the form below and we will get back to you at a convenient time.